Are Receipt Scanners Worth It? 6 Things to Know Before You Buy

Whether you ‘re managing finances for your little business or filing taxes, you have to know where your money is being spent. Receipts from your purchases are likely to get lost in a sea of documents and assorted papers. forcible documents can get damaged or destroyed .
Converting your printed receipts and documents into digital files can be the solution to these problems, and a receipt scanner is the perfective tool for the subcontract. Some reception scanners include on-line tools that allow you to consolidate your receipts and access them from anywhere .
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Receipt scanners come in different types from physical ( eg. background and portable scanners ) to digital eg. ( apps and on-line software ). But this tool can be an investment, so before you purchase one, you ’ ll want to understand the key features the best ones have. I ‘ve besides compiled a tilt of the best receipt scanners to use for the most coarse business needs based on these features.

quick to find a reception scanner to help you get organized ? Let ’ s survive !

What should I look for in a receipt scanner?

Finding the perfect acknowledge scanner for your needs is authoritative — you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to buy a machine that can only handle one document at a time if you use it for large batches of receipts. conversely, you don ’ metric ton want to spend besides much on software that includes an account system if you only plan to scan receipts for storage purposes .

here ’ s a quick summation of the most important features to look for in a receipt scanner. You may not need all of them, but use this guidebook to find the arrant one for your needs .


If you need a way to manage expense reports and receipts for employees or contractors, you may need a receipt scanner that can be used on the go. This might come in the phase of a stand-alone portable scanner or digital software .
The size of the scanner is authoritative for portability, excessively. Look for a lightweight and pack device that could fit in a briefcase or backpack easily .

Online Accessibility

exchangeable to portability, having a receipt scanner that can be accessed on-line is commodious. You ’ ll have more capability to integrate with accounting software to speed up your work flow. You ’ ll besides be able to access your receipts from anywhere at any time .

Storage Capacity

Whether you prefer physical storage or digital mottle repositing, you ’ ll want to consider the limits included in your receipt scanner. WIll you be scanning receipts every day or multiple times a day ? Will you use it for limited occasions or only during tax season ? This can help you determine the come of storehouse you ’ ll want to have for your reception scanner software or on an external hard drive .
Don ’ t forget the security of the storage you choose. You ’ ll want to be certain that your stored receipts and documents are protected by more than one layer of security. While printed receipts and documents can be damaged or destroyed physically, digital documents can fall into the wrong hands without proper security measures .


Scanning receipts for expense reports is arguably one of the least enjoyable tasks for any master. People normally want to complete this tax arsenic quickly as potential, and a lightning-fast acknowledge scanner can help with that. Some scanners can take a snapshot of your documents ampere quickly as 7.5 seconds flat. This comes in handy when you need to scan several receipts at once .

File Types

Depending on what you ’ re using them for, your receipts may need to be in a specific format. Your tax preparer might prefer all your receipts be scanned and exported as PDFs while your work expense software processes JPEG images. Be sure to check what file types your acknowledge scanner supports so that you don ’ t have to convert them manually once they ’ rhenium digitized .


ultimately, make sure your scanner supports your stallion work flow after you scan your receipts. Will you be uploading them to cloud memory ? Will you be emailing them to another individual ? Your reception scanner should be able to promptly export your scan documents with ease .
now that you have the key features of a receipt scanner, check out the best acknowledge scanner apps on the market today .

Best Receipt Scanner Apps

  1. Expensify for all receipt scanning
  2. Receipts by Wave for freelancers and small businesses owners
  3. NeatDesk for bulk scanning
  4. NeatReceipts for team collaboration
  5. Evernote Scannable for iOS users
  6. Shoeboxed for taxes
  7. Veryfi Core for data privacy
  8. Smart Receipts for custom reports
  9. Vupoint ST470 for remote scanning
  10. Fujitsu ScanSnap IX500 for on-the-go scanning
  11. Epson Workforce DS-30 for portable scanning
  12. ABUKAI Expenses for expense reports on the go
  13. Clear Scanner for reports on-the-go

Best for: Corporate expenses

Apps : io | Android
price : Request a quote
SAP Concur is a long-familiar expense management system that serves businesses ’ expense and reimbursement needs. For companies with bombastic teams that submit regular expense reports, the Concur mobile app serves as a reception scanner, expense reputation organization, mileage tracker, and more .
manual entrance of receipts international relations and security network ’ t required, merely snap a photograph of the text file and upload it to the system. The app stores the receipts online and stores them by date, so they ’ re constantly accessible. Scanning a acknowledge takes just a few seconds with the Concur mobile app and uploads immediately. storage capacity is determined based on your clientele ’ s individual needs, indeed reach out to the Concur sales team for a detail quote .
SAP Concur Mobile App Receipt scanner
Image reservoir

Best for: An all-around receipt scanning app

Apps : io | Android
price : Starting at $ 4.99
Expensify is a cloud-based app for both io and Android. It ‘s a receipt management joyride that connects with Expensify tools for expense report. This acknowledge scanner is portable, on-line, and cloud-based so you won ’ thymine have to worry about the expense reports or receipt files taking up space on your device. You can use your smartphone television camera to take a photograph of the reception, the app will mechanically pull out the charges. From there, you can associate the charge with an expense report .
Keep in heed that sometimes the receipt scanner is ineffective to perfectly capture the details of your reception. Be sure to double-check the expenses to make sure the receipt charges are added accurately .
Expensify Reciept Scanner
Image source

Best for: Freelancers and small business owners

Apps : io | Android
price : Paid plans at 2.9 % + $ 0.30 cents per transaction per use
Receipts by Wave is a receipt tracking app that can be used by minor business owners ( with about 10 employees ) to stay on top of receipts. It syncs with your cloud-based expense report software that can be accessed both on mobile and from your computer. One main perk up of this joyride is that you can use it for unblock — making this receipt scanner option ideal for humble businesses and freelancers just starting out .
Your data can sync with the Wave Accounting app so you can stay on top of your outgo. You can besides export the data to a variety of accountancy tools, such as QuickBooks and Excel if need be. Although this arrangement doesn ’ triiodothyronine however support two-factor authentication, all your receipts are scanned directly into your cloud storage so you have secure entree to them when you need them .
Receipts by wave receipt scanner

Best for: Bulk scanning

price : $ 442
NetDesk is a software/hardware jazz band that ’ randomness perfect for scanning picture-perfect receipts. You ’ ll need both the software and scanner together to get the best use of this intersection, but according to the Amazon reviews, it ’ second well worth it .
This reception scanner reads and extracts data from whatever you scan. And at 24 pages per minute — it ‘ll read your documents faster than you can. It can scan up to 50 pages at once and extracts crucial information for organized digital filing. NeatDesk exports every document to the NeatDesk cloud which comes with the software. Send your scan receipts directly to programs like Excel, Turbotax, H & R Block tax software, and Outlook, just to name a few .
unfortunately, this receipt scanner international relations and security network ’ t the easiest to take with you on the blend, indeed keep that in mind if you choose to purchase it .
NeatDesk Receipt Scanner

Best for: Team collaboration

Apps : io | Android
price : Starting at $ 27 per month
If you need to share your scan expense receipts with a team of people or have them reviewed by a director, this app is for you. The clean receipts mobile app is available for io and Android users, and your scans are synced across devices. You can use this app anywhere you have access to wifi so it ’ south remote-friendly .
Simply use the tool to snap a photograph of your receipt whether you ’ re in the office, at base, or offsite, and it ‘ll recognize the text on the text file. From there, you can create expense reports and even itemize expense lists. NeatReceipts supports all major file types including PDF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, and HTML .
You ’ ll even save time in your work flow as NeatReceipts integrates with the major explanation software tools and can be synced to your cloud storehouse organization — that means your documents can be uploaded precisely where you want them in just one click .
NeatReceipts Receipt Scanner

Best for: iOS users

Apps : io
price : free

iPhone or iPad users, there ’ s a mobile acknowledge scanner just for you. You ’ ve probably heard of Evernote as an amazing note taking app, but it ’ s a multipurpose joyride that can be used for even more arrangement needs. Just like most mobile scanners in this list, you have the ability to preview the scan, discard, or retake the photograph if the first trope is n’t clear enough. The receipts will be saved to Evernote ‘s cloud-based app, and can be accessed on-line from anywhere .
But here ’ s where Evernote stands out from the respite : You can edit your scanned receipts right in the app. Add text, sound recording, and even images to your scan documents to make them angstrom personalized as possible. This lets you organize your receipts using a criterion you set, not one that is determined by the Evernote repositing system .
Best of all, you can search your scan documents and they ’ ll appear in real-time as you type. How ’ sulfur that for travel rapidly, on-line access, and repositing ?
Evernote receipt scanner

Best for: Tax season

Apps : io | Android
price : Starting at $ 18 per month
sole proprietors, LLC holders, and freelancers have the ability to write off expenses when it ’ randomness time to file taxes, but how do you know what to expense ? If you ’ ra anything like most people, the short solution is to track everything and keep each reception — then at tax time, screen through it all with your accountant. What a batch .
The Shoeboxed app allows you to scan receipts and keep track of your mileage for tax report purposes. It besides gives you the ability to specify which expenses are deductible — making it the ideal joyride for tax time .
Create expense reports directly within the app and export them to your colleagues or tax preparer right from your telephone. The app works cursorily — it takes good ampere long as snapping a photograph and can handle unlike report types. You ’ ll ultimately get those receipts off your desk and into action with Shoeboxed .
Shoebox Receipt scanner

Best for: Data privacy

Apps : io | Android
price : Starting at $ 13.75 per active drug user per month
If you deal with sensitive customer data or checkup information, you ’ ll need a receipt scanner that is GDPR and HIPAA compliant. Veryfi Core gives you the ability to automate data entrance of receipts and expenses that are sensitive in nature with best-in-class security features. It besides automates tax gull and categorization to make tax day a fiddling easier for you and your accountant .
speed international relations and security network ’ t an exit for the Veryfi app. In barely three seconds, it extracts data from your read receipt so you can organize and save it promptly. Your data can be accessed from anywhere, and you can collaborate with your team at any time .
For an across-the-board experience, Veryfi works seamlessly with Logbook, Core, and Timesheets thus wholly your significant data is stored in one place .
Veryfi Core Receipt scanner

Best for: Custom reports

Apps : io | Android
price : dislodge
No one ’ s favorite function of the day is scanning receipts so ache Receipts makes this job a little less mundane. Designed by a travel adviser, this acknowledge scanning app was built with speed, portability, and approachability in take care .
once you ‘ve scanned your receipts into Smart Receipts, you can create customizable PDF, CSV, and ZIP reports without spend minutes selecting the file type for each read document. When you ’ re ready to organize your scan receipts, you ’ ll find 20 unlike default option data types to sort and trickle by ( e.g. dates, price, acknowledge categories, requital methods, and more. )
Another unique feature of Smart Receipts is its white label services. With these services, your company can create a custom-make expense coverage app for your users or customers .
Smart Receipts Receipt Scanner

Best for: An on-the-go, portable scanner

price : $ 119.99
For crisp scans of important receipts and documents, the ability to scan high dpi ( dot per picture ) is required. Vupoint ST470 scans up to 1200 dpi with a built-in color LCD panel to preview scans to ensure they ’ re absolutely clear .
One of the best features of this scanner is its 2-in-1 capability and portability. It functions as a desktop scanner, but it besides has a detachable wand you can use to scan. This scepter is the perfect size to take with you on the become, and it even comes with its own carry event .
While the Vupoint ST470 does n’t give you the ability to connect to cloud services, it does have a micro SD wag you can use to save your receipts on the go .
Vupoint ST470 Receipt Scanner
Image source

Best for: Scanning receipts quickly

monetary value : $ 319.99
The Brother ADS 2200 acknowledge scanner is big for business owners who scan receipts in majority. For bilateral receipts and invoices, this scanner captures both sides at the same time, at a rate of 35 pages per infinitesimal. In summation to saving you time, it scans your documents directly to their intended address — including electronic mail, calculator folders, and USB drives. Supported file types include JPEG, PDF, TIFF, and PNG .
A drawback to the accelerate of this scanner is that it must be used in a home or office where it can be plugged in as it isn ’ thymine wireless. It ’ s small compendious size ( 5.8 ten 11.8 x 7 inches ) makes up for this as you can purchase a carrying case and take it with you if you travel and scan receipts away from work .
Brother ADS 2200 receipt scanner

Best for: A multi-purpose portable scanner

price : $ 99.99
The Epson Workforce ES-50 is a whippersnapper, portable scanner that allows you to scan receipts and other documents. It has auto-size detection to determine if you ‘re scanning a little acknowledge or a life-size document and saves it accordingly .
It works with Windows and Mac computers via USB. All of the textbook from your scans is searchable, and the files can be uploaded to your calculator and cloud-based tools for easy access on-line .
The Epson ES-50 scans a single page in merely 5.5 seconds and uploads it immediately to the on-line storehouse account included with the software. This acknowledge scanner works for both Windows and Mac computers therefore you can use it in an office with unlike operating systems .
Epson Workforce es-50

Best for: Expense reports on the go

Apps : io | Android
price : spare for occasional users, then starting at $ 99 per year for frequent users
There ’ s a way to manage expense receipts without much effort ? Sign me up ! ABUKAI lets you scan and save your receipts in just two steps. First, take a photograph of your reception. Second, submit the reception to save it to your phone .
The app handles processing your acknowledge and filing it in the expense report you ‘ve already set up, and reports are exported to the electronic mail address of your choose .
Since this app sends your receipts directly to your e-mail, you won ’ metric ton have access to a storehouse organization. rather, you ’ ll need to search your inbox for the receipts that you need. Because of this, you may find value in this app if you only scan receipts on a express basis .
ABUKAI receipt scanner

You’re Ready to Purchase the Perfect Receipt Scanner

If you ’ re reading this while standing in the printer and scanner aisle at Best Buy or reading it in a new window while browsing receipt scanners, keep in beware the six tips we discussed at the begin of this post. A acknowledge scanner international relations and security network ’ t the cheapest purchase you ’ ll construct for your home or work office so I hope this guide makes the decision a little easier .
While your receipt scanner does n’t need every chime and whistle out there, you want to make certain you have the features you need at a monetary value you ’ ra bequeath to pay for a decluttered desk and organized file cabinet .
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