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A condominium ( or condominium ) is a unit within a residential build or community that is individually owned. Condos managed by homeowners associations ( HOAs ) entreaty to many buyers because most of their rules are put into put to maintain place values and serve the best interests of the community. In most cases, a condominium owner can rent out their property — and according to the Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Report 2018, of those who own two properties, 38 % say they rent out one of them. When a condominium is rented, the owner typically becomes the landlord unless they hire a property management company .

Pros and cons of renting out a condominium

There are many factors that weigh into the decision of whether or not to rent. Some popular reasons for renting out a condominium are :

  • You ’ ra not living in it, but you aren ’ triiodothyronine ready to sell.
  • You purchased the condominium as an investment .
  • You need fiscal assistant to cover your primary residency ’ sulfur mortgage .

Whatever the cause, it ’ second significant to consider the benefits and downsides of renting out your condominium .

Benefits of renting out your condominium

Some benefits of renting out a condominium are obvious, like having an extra generator of income. But there are others you may not realize at beginning. here are the biggest benefits to renting a condominium :
Supplemental income. If you rent out your condominium for $ 1,500 a month, you ’ ll receive $ 18,000 each class in extra income .
Increased value over time. Property values generally increase over time, so the longer you hold on to your condominium, the more it ’ ll sell for in the future .
Reduced taxes from expense deductions. If you make repairs or upgrades to the condominium, you can add value and deduct the expense from your income — reducing the amount you owe in taxes .

Downsides of renting out your condominium

In contrast, renting out your condominium has its disadvantages — particularly if the house market takes a down turn. Before you rent out your condominium, be mindful of these potential issues :
You could make less than anticipated. Markets can fluctuate, and if your condominium stays vacant or rents for less money, it will negatively impact your income .
It may be difficult and costly to sell later on. If demand in the area drops, you may have a unvoiced time recouping your initial investment .
You could spend a lot on repairs. Rentals require continual sustenance and casual repairs — these take up both time and money .
You could be responsible for dealing with difficult tenants. If you ’ re the landlord, you may have to deal with things like former payments or property damage .

What you need to know before renting out a condominium

If you want to rent a condominium that ’ second part of an HOA-managed community, do your homework foremost to be surely it ’ sulfur allowed and, if sol, what the rules are for how you must go about it .

Should I rent out my condominium myself or use a property director ?

ultimately this decision is up to you, but a property coach typically charges around 10 % of the monthly rent plus a parcel of the first calendar month ’ s economic rent when a raw tenant moves in. Whichever way you decide to go, know that the landlord or property director is creditworthy for :

What is an HOA community ?

An HOA is an organization in the condominium community that makes and enforces rules for the person property owners. By purchasing a condominium in an HOA, you mechanically become a extremity and are required to abide by their rules and pay dues ( known as HOA fees ). According to the 2017 American Housing Survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, 80.4 % of condos have an HOA. For more information on how HOAs work, consider the learn resources available from the Community Associations Institute .

Can an HOA screen prospective tenants ?

Some associations will ask you to submit a potential tenant ’ south lease application so they can screen them, but associations can only do this if it complies with state law and the federal Fair Housing Act .

Can homeowners associations prohibit renting ?

It ’ sulfur within an HOA ’ s baron to restrict your ability to rent out your property, but those restrictions depend on your association. Read the HOA rental rules before you attempt to lease out your condominium. If you ’ ra looking for an investment property, you ’ ll want to cautiously go through the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions ( CC & Rs ) and bylaws before making an crack .

HOA rental restrictions on condominium

If renting out your condominium is allowed, make certain you comply with all HOA rental restrictions. These restrictions can include a rental hood and limitations on the length of the rent .
Lease restrictions may place a minimum lease period to avoid vacation rentals and a high employee turnover rate .
Rental caps may limit the full percentage of condos that can be rented at any given meter. many HOAs approve rentals on a first-come, first-served footing, thus there ’ sulfur a luck you ’ ll end up on a waiting list .
New condo owner requirements may be in place. These are rare, but they typically state that you must live in the condominium for at least one year before renting it out.

Do HOAs have to disclose condominium rental restrictions ?

Yes. Covenants in the declaration are public record. Upon purchasing a condominium, you should receive notice of all covenants — including rental restrictions. Any restrictions adopted after purchase are typically not enforced in court since you weren ’ triiodothyronine bound by them upon buy .

Why might HOAs place rental restrictions on condominium ?

many HOA-managed developments have rules restricting owners from renting out their properties to maintain property values and community safety. Since you ’ re a member, the HOA knows who you are. But when there ’ s a tenant in your property, the community has much less insight into them and less leverage to correct any issues that arise .

Can you change your condominium association lease policy ?

It ’ s possible to challenge your HOA ’ sulfur policies on rental, but there ’ s no guarantee you can change them — and the process to do so can be retentive and expensive. We recommend seeking professional legal advice before challenging your HOA. The keep up are some ways that could help change an HOA ’ sulfur rental policy .

Get involved in your association

Attend dining table meetings and get to know the owners in your community. If other owners feel that lease rules need to be changed, join together to propose amendments to the HOA bylaw. Draft a lease policy and rent that reflects these changes and present it to the board .

lobby at the state level for changes to power of HOA boards

In states with a high issue of foreclosures, like Florida, home owners have successfully rallied to have rental rights governed by state of matter jurisprudence. In Florida, HOAs can limit rentals in the community entirely if owners consent to an amendment in the bylaw or if the home is purchased after the consequence of the amendment .

See that rental restrictions comply with amendment march and digest by state law

An lawyer can look at your association ’ sulfur bylaw and determine if they ’ re in conformity. even if you believe that you have a encase against your HOA, remember that lawsuits are costly and winning is not guaranteed. HOAs might be able to pass their legal fees onto base owners in the community, so keep in mind that your actions could affect the entire vicinity. Try working with your HOA inaugural to see if you can come to an agreeable solution .

What insurance coverage do you need to rent your condominium ?

frequently, your condominium indemnity can be added as a passenger to your primary property indemnity. As a landlord, you must consider potential lawsuits in addition to property coverage. Talk with your indemnity representation to determine the coverage that ’ s right for you .

How does renting out your condominium affect taxes ?

There are tax implications for converting your principal residence into a rental, and the rates will vary depending on location. lecture to your certify populace accountant ( CPA ) to determine how your taxes will be affected .

How to rent out a condominium

Renting out a condominium requires time and money. With Zillow Rental Manager, you can streamline much of the summons — making it easier to be a landlord. here are the steps :

1. List your property for economic rent to find tenants

Zillow, HotPads and Trulia are popular websites to use when advertise for tenants. You can list your property for rend on all three sites with good one posting through Zillow Rental Manager .

2. Run tenant application cover

Screening tenant applications is the province of the landlord. Zillow Rental Manager offers products that ease the shield process, like background and accredit checks .

3. Prepare a rental rent agreement and application

You ’ ll need a license lawyer to prepare a lease and rental application. Be certain to protect yourself and your place while treating the tenant reasonably .

4. Collect tenant lease monthly

Collecting rent is another easy march with Zillow Rental Manager — you ’ ll be able to collect it online, and your tenants can even set up automatic pistol payments .

5. Keep chase of your finances for tax deductions

Consider opening a occupation bank score and keeping all rental-related money offprint from your personal finances. This will help during tax prison term, particularly when it comes to deducting expenses and figuring out net income .

6. Schedule place repairs and maintenance

Putting off alimony will hurt you in the long run as little fixes turn into expensive repairs. For model, removing stains from carpet and cleaning it regularly keeps it in adept condition through multiple tenants, whereas neglecting it can lead to buying substitution carpet sooner rather than later .

7. write out and pay for legal notices if problems arise

You ’ re creditworthy for going through the legal process if an eviction or other action is needed. Check your local laws and hire a lawyer to ensure you ’ re in conformity .
Those are the basics of renting out a condominium that ’ s managed by an HOA. Looking for more information on being your own landlord and renting out your property ? Zillow Rental Manager provides the tools and resources you need to start capitalizing on your investment .

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