How to Register a Trade Name in Georgia –

A business operating under a fabricated business name will need to register for a Trade name in Georgia. Learn more about what a Trade name is, who needs one and how to register .

What is a Trade Name?

A Trade name, besides known as “ Doing Business As, ” DBA, Assumed Name, or assumed name, is a name used by a business that is different from the clientele ’ s legal name .
When a business wants to operate under a name other than its legal name, the state of Georgia, like most states, requires the business to register its commercial enterprise name. The registration necessity was designed to protect consumers from business owners hiding anonymously behind a clientele ’ sulfur name .
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What is a Trade Name good for?

A Trade Name is required for many businesses in order to legally operate and provides information on the people operating a clientele. In addition to the legal necessity, a DBA offers early benefits such as proving the universe of a business, opening a bank report under a business name, registering a merchant account to accept credit cards, and others .

Who needs to register for a Georgia Trade Name?

The requirements and need to register for a Trade Name vary, depending on the type of clientele entity .
Within 30 days of starting a business, Georgia state law O.C. G.A. 10-1-490 states that a business using a assumed diagnose must register its Trade name .
Sole proprietorships and general partnerships are the most park entities to register for a DBA .
A lone owner or partnership ’ second legal identify can be the owner ’ s wide first and last name, which can be used without registering. For model, if John Smith starts a clientele repairing computers but doesn ’ metric ton use a business name, he doesn ’ t have to register. If John decides to name his business John ’ s Computer Repair, then he will need to register .
Corporations and Limited Liability Companies won ’ thymine typically register a fabricated name since a singular entity name is created during the geological formation process. Some will file for a DBA if they have another clientele they want to operate under their corporate/LLC umbrella to keep the liability security without having to form another entity .
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How much does a Trade Name cost in Georgia?

The tip to register a Trade name varies by county, however, it typically ranges between $ 150- $ 200, plus publication costs. This is a erstwhile expense .

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What are the steps to file a Trade Name in Georgia?

Step 1 – Obtain the Trade Name Registration Form
Obtain the form from the County Clerk of the Superior Court in the county where the business ’ randomness bodily process occurs or the basal office is located. Some counties have the shape available for download on their web site, while others require the form to be picked up in person .
Step 2 – Fill out the Form
The form is pretty easy to fill out and asks for information such as the diagnose being requested, names and address of the owners, and in some cases, what the business does.

Step 3 – Notarize the Form
The form must be notarized before filing with the county .
Step 4 – File the Form
File the class with the county. Some allow for on-line submissions, while others require the form to be mailed or delivered in-person .
Step 5 – Publish the Legal Notice
Trade Names are required to be published in a newspaper within the county where the name is being filed. The notification will run once a week for two back-to-back weeks .
The County Clerk will provide the information of the approved publication ( sulfur ). publication fees vary but expect to spend $ 30 – $ 75 .

Are there any words you can’t use in a Trade Name?

DBAs can ’ t be registered using words that are related to trust, savings, or indemnity unless the occupation is licensed to provide those services. The words College or University are besides not allowed unless the entity is approved to provide such services .
The words “ Corporation, “ Corp., ” “ Inc., ” “ LLC, ” or “ Limited Liability Company ” should only be used for an entity that is registered with the Secretary of State as a pot or LLC .

Georgia DBA Registration Form

The Trade Name Registration Form is available from the County Clerk. A list of Clerks is available here – hypertext transfer protocol : //

Can someone steal my business name?

While registering your Trade name will keep person else from registering the accurate same name in Georgia, it does very little from person else operating a business under that name in other states. If stopping others from using your business name is significant, you can protect it through a hallmark .
Learn more about trademarking a business name .
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Does a DBA need an EIN?

An EIN or Employer Identification Number is a singular nine-digit numeral that some businesses will register for through the Internal Revenue Department ( IRS ). An EIN is required for partnerships, corporations, multi-member LLCs, or any caller that has employees.

Sole proprietorships and single-member LLCs without employees can use the owner ’ s social security number to identify the business .
There is no cost to get an EIN when registering immediately from the IRS .
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