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entity name reservations may be obtained on-line ( click on the link at the bottom of the page ). payment must be made by credit card, and we accept Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. The name reservation will be effective for 120 days, which gives you meter to submit documents to form an entity with the reserved name. name reservations obtained on-line will be given preference and priority over composition name mental reservation applications, and will be granted immediately. FEES: The cost to obtain an on-line name mental reservation is $ 45.00 ( $ 10 filing fee plus $ 35 expedite fee ). The expedite fee is automatically charged because the appoint reservation is obtained immediately. If you do not wish to pay the expedite tip, you may submit a paper application to Reserve Corporation Name or an application to Reserve Limited Liability Company Name. Paper documents may be submitted by mail or in person. All file fees are NONREFUNDABLE pursuant to A.R.S. §§10-122, 10-2020, 10-2079, 10-2145, 10-3122 and 29-851. Fees of any type paid to file a document can not be applied or transferred to any other text file. Processing time and priority: Name reservations obtained on-line will take priority over all name reservation documents submitted by chain mail, fax, or in person. In other words, if we have received your paper lotion, but it has not even been examined and processed, a person requesting the same entity name on-line would be granted the name. If you come in person to the rejoinder to reserve a appoint, you will be encouraged to use the calculator booth in our lobby to reserve your name. If you choose not to do this, your paper document may be processed as an expedite file or a regular file.

Reserved entity names must meet the statutory name criteria. For the arrant criteria, review the instructions to the Application to Reserve Corporation Name or the application to Reserve LLC Name, and review the Arizona Corporation Commission Naming Standards. At a minimum, you must include an entity identifier such as “ Inc. ” for corporations or “ LLC ” for limit liability companies. You will be required to choose corporation or LLC when reserving the name on-line, and the entity identifier must match the entity type, for exercise, if you choose corporation, the identifier must be “ Inc. ” or another corporation identifier, and can not be “ LLC. ”

Reserving a name is not the same as registering a “ assumed name ” mention or a trade name. The purpose of the identify reservation is to give you time to submit paperwork to form your entity. A “ assumed name ” name or a trade wind name may give you other rights to that name. The Arizona Corporation Commission does not register “dba” or trade names, and cannot advise you on “dba” or trade names. To register a trade name, go to the Arizona Secretary of State ‘s web site. You can besides register “ assumed name ” or trade names with the County Recorder ‘s function. To check on the handiness of and reserve a name, click here .

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