How To Add Minutes On A Tracfone Phone Number

TracFone Wireless is America ’ s count one prepay radio supplier and for a good reason – they offer high-quality cell phones, dependable nationally coverage on all four major carriers, no contracts, low-cost monthly plans, and Pay As You Go Airtime options. In club to make calls, send text messages, and use high-speed data, you will be required to add minutes to your Tracfone prepay or Pay As You Go plan. fortunately, in this article, you will learn precisely how to do so .

Process To Add Minutes On A Tracfone

TracFone has made refilling a Pay As You Go plan vitamin a simple as possible. The company allows its customers to refill their plans with the use of an addition calling card. As TracFone ’ mho airtime is split into talk, text, and data, there are three different accessory cards – a Text Only Card, a Data Only Card, and a Talk Add-on Card. If you wish to add talking minutes on your TracFone, you must purchase a Talk Add-on Card. textbook and data add-on cards are only available for smartphones. Talk add-ons, on the other hand, are available for both smartphones and basic phones ; however, the number of minutes you get differs. For example, a $ 10 Talk Add-on wag will add 500 minutes to your smartphone, but it would lone add 100 minutes to a basic call. Buying a $ 10 card for 500 minutes costs 2 cents per moment. rather of buying a $ 10 card, you can besides buy a $ 15 wag, a $ 20 circuit board, a $ 25 card, a $ 45 card, a $ 50 card, and a $ 125 card. Some of these cards will give you better value for money than others ; consequently, make sure to review the options and select the right one.

once you have selected the accessory poster that best fits your needs, you can refill your design. Refilling your TracFone Pay As You Go plan is quick and easy and it doesn ’ thyroxine ask you to be an technical at all. You just follow the easy steps below .

Before You Refill Your Pay As You Go Tracfone Minutes Plan

  • 1st Step: Visit
  • 2nd Step: Select the Pay As You Go plan you wish to purchase and press ‘Add to cart’.
  • 3rd Step: Enter your email address, your details, and select a payment method to proceed.
  • 4th Step: After the transaction, you will receive a TracFone Wireless refill PIN to your email. You will also receive instructions on how to activate it and refill your plan. If you decided to buy a physical card at a store, scratch off the silver area on the back to reveal the Airtime PIN number.

once you receive the replenish PIN, there are three ways to activate your TracFone airtime PIN .

Refilling your Pay As You Go plan with a phone call

One way to activate your airtime PIN and refill your plan is by dialing the free recharge issue ( 1-800-867-7183 ) and following the instructions. The system will guide you through the activation summons and subsequently, they will inform you about the raw balance and its robustness. When adding airtime over the call, make sure to have a citation card or another method of payment at hand .

Refilling your Pay As You Go plan online

If you wish to refill your plan online, you can go to and click ‘ Add Airtime ’ ( the button is located at the top right recess ). then, press the ‘ Add to Cart ’ push button and fill in your airtime PIN, your call number, and ( if you have one ) a promo code. once you do so, press the ‘ Submit ’ release, which will finish the process and refill your plan .

Refilling your Pay As You Go plan on your phone

Take your TracFone device and turn it on. Make surely you have a signal, otherwise the work won ’ metric ton solve. Activate your PIN and refill your design by following the pursuit steps :

  • 1st Step: Press ‘Menu’.
  • 2nd Step: Press ‘Prepaid’.
  • 3rd Step: Scroll down and choose ‘Redeem Airtime’.
  • 4th Step: Enter the 15-digit Airtime PIN number written on your card or in your email and press enter.
  • 5th Step: Once you do so, you should receive a notification saying: “Units will be added shortly”. After a while (it should only take about half of minute or so), you will be able to see that the units have been added to your balance. You may also receive a message to restart your phone.

If possible, proceed with the PIN energizing soon after purchasing the card, as otherwise there is a bantam chance that person else would incidentally enter the wrong PIN issue and redeem your airtime. In this case, make certain to contact TracFone ’ s customer support military service.

Adding a No Contract Monthly Tracfone Minutes Plan

In addition to adding minutes by purchasing an Airtime Card, you can rather add a No Contract Monthly plan to keep your service active. To do so, follow the steps below .

  • 1st Step: Visit
  • 2nd Step: Press ‘Refill/Add’ in the menu above and select ‘Refill’ and ‘Monthly Value Plans’ instead of ‘Pay As You Go’ in the drop-down menu.
  • 3rd Step: Search for the plan you are looking for and add it.
  • 4th Step: Complete the cart check-out process.

After Adding Minutes On Tracfone How To Check The New Balance

After you add airtime to your plan, you may want to check the new libra, fair so you can keep track of whether the PIN activation was successful and to help you plan your future spendings. You may besides be curious about the remaining balance sometime during the calendar month to make surely that an empty symmetry doesn ’ metric ton catch you off guard somewhere in the middle of nowhere .
There are two ways to find out how much airtime you have left .

  • Method number 1: Call TracFone’s customer support service at 1-800-867-7183 and follow the instructions. The system will inform you about the remaining airtime.
  • Method number 2: Go to TracFone’s website. Visit the ‘Check Balance’ page. There, enter your phone number and the last four digits of your serial number. TracFone will inform you about the remaining airtime and its expiration date. Above, you can refill the amount, should you need to do so.

Benefits Of Using A Tracfone Wireless Network And Service

TracFone is the largest independent countrywide supplier of radio communication and a very popular MVNO – by and large due to the numerous benefits of using its network and services. These benefits include :

  • No contracts.
  • A minute rollover feature, which automatically rolls the remaining minutes to the next term of service before the days of service expire.
  • TracFone offers minute cards, which support auto-refill and provide free activation.
  • TracFone offers both CDMA and GSM service and nationwide coverage on all four major networks – Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint.
  • No hidden charges or roaming surcharges.
  • TracFone has the largest digital coverage area in the U.S.
  • TracFone services offer caller ID, call waiting, 3-way calling, voicemail, text messaging, and affordable roaming.
  • Transparent airtime balance display and billing system.
  • TracFone offers numerous promotional codes, which make the service more inexpensive.

How To Change Your Tracfone Plans

As TracFone plans are prepaid and come with no contracts it ’ s incredibly simple to change a plan. TracFone offers a number of prepaid monthly plans deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as numerous Pay As You Go plans. Customers can change plans online on TracFone ’ s official web site or in-store by plainly purchasing another design or another addition card. You won ’ metric ton have to deactivate the former plan or pay any fees. Simply purchase another plan and that ’ s it .

Where To Buy Tracfone Airtime Minutes Card

You can buy a TracFone airtime minutes card at TracFone ’ s web site in the accessory section. Before you will be able to see the card selections, you will be required to select whether you are using a smartphone or a basic telephone and to enter your call act. If you prefer to do it in-store, there are many stores throughout the nation that sell TracFone Airtime Minutes Cards, including your local Walmart .

FAQs – Frequently Ask Questions

What is a Tracfone Airtime Card and a Text Only Card?

Tracfone Airtime card will buy you extra spill the beans minutes, while the Text Only card will only add extra text messages. Both cards besides give you extra days of service and the lecture minutes or textbook that you fail to use will be automatically rolled over to the adjacent month .

What is TracFone free min?

TracFone dislodge minute refers to TracFone free minutes. TracFone frequently offers promo codes that are used to entice and reward customers with exempt extra talk minutes, which they can add to their plans. They typically range from 20 to up to 300 release minutes and sometimes evening extra free text and datum. To get these spare minutes, just use a coupon code when buying TracFone airtime for your mobile device.

How many talk minutes do you get from the Add-on Card?

As we have mentioned before, the numeral of lecture minutes you get from an addition calling card depends on how much you pay for the menu ( cheaper cards give you fewer minutes, more expensive ones give you more minutes ) and on whether you are planning to use them on a even telephone or a smartphone ( for case, a $ 10 Add-on wag will provide 500 extra lecture minutes for a smartphone and merely 100 extra spill the beans minutes for a basic earphone ) .
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