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We understand that life is interfering. From meter to fourth dimension, anyone can lose racetrack of how much money is available in their check or money market report .
You have the option to enroll your Regions personal determine history in Regions Overdraft Protection for greater peace of mind .

Overdraft Protection

For greater peace of take care, link your Regions Personal checking account to a Regions overdraft protection product .
When you enroll in Regions Overdraft Protection ( “ ODP ” ), your checking account is linked to a designate fund report at Regions, such as another deposit bill ( including a deliver or money market score ), credit poster score, or a line of credit. ODP may be used to authorize and/or to pay CheckCard and ATM transactions if your checking explanation lacks sufficient available funds. Regions Overdraft Protection may be used to cover pay checks, ACH transactions, and other items when payment of those items would overdraw the control report. While Overdraft Protection may prevent overdrafts, it is subject to the comply :

  • If the funding account is a deposit account, then all available funds in that account can be used for Overdraft Protection.
  • If the funding account is a credit card account, the entire amount available for cash advances can be used for Overdraft Protection.
  • If the funding account is a line of credit, the entire amount available under the line can be used for Overdraft Protection.

We generally transfer amounts from the indicate fund report to the checking account in increments of $ 100. If the amount available for Overdraft Protection in the fund account is less than $ 100, or the amount available for Overdraft Protection in the fund score is less than the $ 100 increase that otherwise would be transferred to cover the amount of the overdraft, we will transfer the entire sum available for Overdraft Protection in the fund account to the control bill .
For exemplar, if one or more items would overdraw your checking bill by $ 250 and the total available for Overdraft Protection in your financing bill is $ 300 or greater, we will transfer $ 300 from your funding report to your checking account. however, if the total available for ODP in your fund history is $ 275, we will transfer the integral $ 275 from your funding report to your checking history. We do not charge a transfer fee for Overdraft Protection transfers.

If the determine report still has an insufficient available balance to pay an overdraft item even after we advance available funds from the support account, we may return the token or pay it into overdraft. We may then charge the discipline bill a Paid Overdraft Item tip or a refund Item fee of $ 36 per item.

To qualify for ODP, you must open or have an eligible Regions funding account and enroll in Overdraft Protection .
credit accounts that may serve as destine fund accounts are subject to credit blessing, and funds advanced from a credit card are not subject to a grace time period. Funds advanced from a credit line or credit calling card account will accrue matter to at the pastime pace provided in the agreement for that account. You should not assume we will use funds differently available for ODP to authorize and to pay transactions on the checking account until we notify you in writing that we have processed your request to enroll in ODP .
To learn more or to enroll, visit a Regions arm, call 1-800-REGIONS or log in to Regions Online Banking .

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