Green Dot Prepaid Card With No Credit Check Needed

green Dot prepay Mastercard and Visa cards can be a good alternative to credit cards, secured cards, and bank accounts for people who want to avoid a accredit determine or are unable to open a traditional discipline account. green Dot prepay is one of the most widely used prepay cards, and while it wo n’t help you build a credit history, it will allow you to conduct business in a club increasingly dependent on electronic payments .

Prepaid cards work much like checking report debit cards. You must load money onto the batting order before you can use it for purchases, and since Green Dot cards are branded with a major credit card processing network—your choice of Mastercard or Visa—you can use it about everywhere credit cards are accepted. Because you ‘re spending money you ‘ve loaded onto the poster rather than accessing a credit rating line, you do n’t have to go through a credit check to get approved for a card.

Fees and Features of Green Dot

You can use a fleeceable Dot postpaid poster for on-line purchases, bill paying, and casual shop. No minimum balance is required, and the funds you load onto the calling card are protected against unauthorized transactions .

Personalized cards ordered on-line are free, as opposed to generic cards that can be purchased in stores for up to $ 4.95. To use a batting order for automatic pistol monthly payments, or to rent a vehicle, or reserve a hotel room, a personalized card probable will be required. You can load money onto a circuit board for no fee by having your wage direct-deposited or by using the mobile check deposit feature of speech with the Android or iPhone app. Simply use the green Dot app to take a mental picture of the front and back of your arrest, and the funds will be loaded onto your circuit board. There may be a processing delay that keeps you from using your funds for one or more business days, depending on your bank .

For a $ 5.95 tip, you can reload cash at major retailers including CVS, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Kroger, 7-Eleven, Walgreens, and Walmart, among others .

In addition to the reload fee, Green Dot prepaid cards come with a lot of other fees. Some you can avoid, but you have to navigate the march of doing thus. other fees include :

  • Up to $2.95 to purchase the card from a retailer
  • $2.50 out-of-network ATM withdrawal fee, plus whatever fee the ATM operator charges
  • $2.50 teller cash withdrawal
  • 3% foreign transaction fee
  • $4.95 card replacement fee


equally long as you stay away from actions that come with fees, the Green Dot prepaid card has the electric potential to be a upstanding alternative to a traditional check score that comes with a debit wag .

  • No credit check: If bad credit is keeping you from getting a credit card or from opening a checking account, you still can get a Green Dot card. In a world where electronic payments are more and more common, this convenience is perhaps the greatest value of a Green Dot card.
  • Avoid expensive check-cashing services: If bad credit is what is drawing you to Green Dot, one of the benefits is the ability to cash checks for free, either through direct deposit or by using the mobile check deposit feature on the app.
  • Feature-rich app: In addition to mobile check deposits, the app allows you to keep constant tabs on your account. You can review your balance and even be alerted when it is getting low.
  • Free online bill pay: This is a feature typically found with most conventional checking accounts, but with a Green Dot card, there’s no need to order expensive paper checks. Bill payments can be scheduled through this feature at no additional cost.
  • Visa/Mastercard brands: It’s difficult to find a retailer that does not accept Visa and Mastercard, which means it’s equally difficult to find a retailer that won’t accept your Green Dot card as a form of payment.
  • No-fee cash back with debit purchases: While fees are attached to ATM and bank teller withdrawals, you can get cash back for no fee when making a debit purchase.


When considering the greens Dot prepay card as an alternative to a traditional check account, keep in beware that it does have its limitations, about wholly attributed to the many fees that can add up if you are not paying careful attention .

  • Fees for certain ATM transactions and bank teller withdrawals: Using a bank or one of its ATMs will likely result in fees. While you’ll have the option to get cash back for no fee when making debit purchases, that option is not always available or convenient when you need cash.
  • Monthly fee: You can avoid the $7.95 monthly fee by loading at least $1,000 onto your card every month.
  • Additional fees if balance falls below $0: Since this is a prepaid card, the most likely way this would happen is if you were charged with fees while your balance already was at or near $0.
  • High fees for loading cash at retail outlets: This can be inconvenient for anyone who gets paid a significant portion of their earnings in cash. For example, those who rely largely on tips often have a lot of cash on hand that needs to be deposited.
  • High fees for paper checks: A dozen checks cost $5.95, which is steep. Adding to the inconvenience is that checks must be pre-authorized with the mobile app before you can use them.
  • No savings account option: Unlike a traditional bank, there is no option to stash money in a low-interest savings account.

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