How to Set Up a Health Savings Account (HSA)

A Health Savings Account ( HSA ) provides a way to save money for health costs like copays, deductibles, prescription medications, nonprescription items, and more. here ‘s what you need to know to choose a good HSA and where to get one .

Key Takeaways

  • You must be enrolled in a qualified high deductible health plan to open an HSA.
  • You can set up an HSA with many types of financial institutions, including banks, credit unions, brokers, and insurance companies.
  • Before opening an account with an institution, consider factors such as administrative fees, investment options, and what the withdrawal process looks like.

What Is a Health Savings Account ( HSA ) ?

A Health Savings Account ( HSA ) is a special character of tax-exempt savings account that you can use to save money for checkup expenses when you are enrolled in a restricted high gear deductible health manage plan. Health Savings Accounts have many benefits and can double as a long-run savings tool if you do not use the money in the plan for aesculapian expenses.

hera ‘s how it works. With a high deductible health insurance design, you will have to pay for any checkup expenses up to your deductible sum before your insurance coverage kicks in. Your HSA will help you pay for the checkup expenses that the policy policy does not cover. But that ‘s not all it can do for you .

What Are the Advantages of an HSA ?

An HSA can help you pay for your medical needs in the short term, and it can help you reach your savings goals in the long term. Consider these five advantages of an HSA .

money Goes Into Your HSA Before It ‘s Taxed

As with other pre-tax savings schemes like IRAs and 401 ( potassium ) plans, this reduces your taxable income. For the calendar year 2022, individuals can direct $ 3,650 of their pre-tax income into an HSA. For families, the limit is $ 7,300 .

Interest Earnings Are tax-exempt

Any earnings from investments in the report are besides tax-exempt .

idle Funds Carry Over to the Following year

Funds in your HSA are not “ use it or lose it. ” alternatively, these accounts can grow to thousands of dollars through contributions and investments ( provided you have not tapped the funds for aesculapian expenses ) .

Withdrawals for aesculapian Expenses Are tax-exempt

If you do need to withdraw funds from your HSA to cover qualify medical expenses, you can do so without incurring tax. however, withdrawals for non-medical expenses are submit to income tax and a tax penalty ( 20 % of the measure withdraw ).

Non-Medical Withdrawals Made at historic period 65 Are n’t Penalized

If you are fortunate adequate to reach historic period 65 with a goodly HSA, you can access those funds for any use without a tax penalty. however, to be wholly tax-exempt, those withdrawals must be for qualify medical expenses. Non-medical distributions are taxed as regular income .


Some employers offer flexible Savings Accounts ( FSAs ) rather than ( or in addition to ) HSAs. FSAs offer many similar perks, but it ‘s worth comparing the differences between HSAs and FSAs before you enroll.

Tips for Choosing a good HSA

Because HSA accounts are not merely used to reimburse medical expenses but can besides act as savings vessels for your future if you do not use them, it is important to think of this as a type of retirement investment report .

  • Beware of high administrative charges or fees. 
  • Ask if the administrative fee is waived when you have a specific minimum balance. 
  • Ask if you will be able to manage your account online.
  • Ask if you will have a debit card to access your funds.
  • Find out what the process is withdrawals or reimbursements.
  • Finally, ask about investment options for your account.

A note About Fees

Although you do not need to have a minimal balance to open and maintain an HSA, some administrators ( the bank, citation coupling, or policy company that manages your HSA ) may waive fees once you have reached the minimum balance wheel. obviously, a plan with a lower minimal libra may save you a batch of money in fees when you are just starting out with your HSA .

Where to Set Up a HSA

Starting a Health Savings Account is not difficult. You can set up your account with :

  • Banks
  • Brokers and financial advisors
  • Credit Unions
  • Insurance Companies

Banks, credit unions, and indemnity companies will each have their own specified plans to offer you. Brokers will have respective options. Ask your bank about its HSA plans, and then speak to a agent who can review extra options. In the end, doing a fiddling bite of research may help you earn more money in interest, spend less in fees, and give you more control of your account .

What Are the HSA Contribution Limits ?

The HSA contribution limit in 2022 for those with an individual health plan is $ 3,650. For those with a class plan, limit is $ 7,300 .

If you ‘re old age 55 or older, you can make a catch-up contribution of $ 1,000, over and above the normal contribution limits. And unlike an IRA contribution, you do not need earn income to be eligible for an HSA contribution .

Is a high gear deductible Health Plan or HSA a good Idea ?

According to Caitlin Donovan, Senior Director of Public Relations at National Patient Advocate Foundation, HSAs are a good idea if you have access to one. Donovan told The Balance that it ‘s wise to continue using it. With the future of health care plans a little changeable, one thing that has friendly futures is the likely expanded function of HSAs .

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