How to Monetize YouTube Videos

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How to Monetize YouTube Videos

How to Monetize YouTube Videos
If you create a video recording that gets over 7 billion views on YouTube, you should be able to benefit in some way, justly ?
immediately, you may not have the lapp tied of success with your content as “ Baby Shark Dance ” did ( 7 billion and count is a distribute ), but there are still enough of ways to monetize your YouTube video recording. You put time and attempt into creating great message, sol now it ’ s time to reap the rewards.

How to Monetize Your YouTube Account

Setting up your YouTube report with the YouTube Partner Program is very simpleton. You will see the monetization check whenever you log into Youtube Studio, and when your account reaches the right numeral of subscribers and views, you ’ ll be able to apply to the program here .
once you ’ ve applied to the plan, your explanation will go into review and you should soon hear whether you ’ ve been accepted. From here, you can begin to monetize your account and continue growing your tax income streams .
All your analytics for things like advertise will be shown in YouTube Studio and AdSense, so check in regularly to see how you ’ ra doing. This will besides give you helpful insights into your performance and where you can make improvements .

What Are The Requirements to Monetize YouTube Videos?

The first footprint to monetizing your YouTube Videos is becoming a member of the YouTube Partner Program ( YPP. ) While anyone can create a YouTube account, you need to meet some basic criteria to become a member of YPP, and you must keep these requirements in thinker whenever you create content .
how to monetize youtube videos - requirements
First of all, your impart has to reach a couple of milestones before it can be considered for the course of study :

  • 1,000 subscribers
  • 4,000 watch hours over the past 12 months

These are fairly aboveboard requirements, and they ’ ra something you can work toward by creating great contentedness and build your audience .
however, the more complicate view of joining the YPP, and the area where YouTube will spend time auditing your groove is making sure there is complaisance with YouTube ’ south policies and guidelines .
YouTube has grown to become one of the most successful websites in the earth, making over $ 5.5 billion in advertise gross in the U.S. in 2020 but there are growing pains. many of these difficulties have surrounded issues such as copyright and the choice and accuracy of the subject .
Brands who pay YouTube for advertise don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to be associated with low-quality contented, thus naturally, the platform is tidal bore to ensure YouTube Partner Program members are creating unique, valuable television .
You ’ ll indigence to keep in heed whenever you ’ ra upload message to YouTube, and it ’ s advisable to read these documents thoroughly if you plan on monetizing your videos .
last, you need to set up a Google AdSense account, which will track the ads shown on YouTube and pay you consequently .

7 Tips for Monetizing Your YouTube Videos

just because you ’ ve reached a degree where YouTube monetization is possible doesn ’ metric ton think of you ’ ll instantaneously start making money. What you ’ ve got to ensure is that you continue following the principles that have got you this army for the liberation of rwanda .
Like with any publication, the cardinal thing is that you continue to offer value to your target audience, so there are a number of things to focus on :

  1. Only sponsor products you would buy.
  2. Be consistent with your posting.
  3. Never compromise on quality.
  4. Take steps to understand your audience.
  5. Diversify your channels: Grow your other platforms such as blogs and social media.
  6. Reward your loyal followers.
  7. Use SEO to boost your profile.

If you ’ re going to make the most of YouTube monetization, then you ’ ve got to grow your profile in all areas, so hold certain you ’ ve got a broad stress and are always looking to improve .

8 Ways to Monetize YouTube Videos

just as there are many different ways to monetize your web site, there are besides lots of ways to monetize your YouTube video recording .
Advertising gross might be the most obvious room to earn money through your content, but it ’ s not the merely means to monetize your videos, and different options will suit different creators .
For exemplar, my YouTube groove gets over 7,000,000 views a calendar month, but I don ’ triiodothyronine monetize it directly through the YPP. That ’ s because it ’ south more valuable to me to offer a clean experience through my subject that brings people back to my web site, where I own the medium .
however, everybody ’ s content is different, and they will have different ways of monetizing it .

1. Ad Revenue

ad gross is possibly the first thing people think of when they join the YouTube Partner Program, and it can be an crucial gross flow .
once you are accepted into the YPP, you can immediately turn on ads for all videos that meet YouTube ’ s advertiser-friendly content guidelines. This enables adverts to be shown on your content, and when YouTube gets paid by advertisers, they partake those earnings with you .
For each ad that ’ s shown on your channel, YouTube takes a 45 % swerve and you receive the remaining 55 %. This money is then paid to you via Google AdSense, where you can keep track of all your analytics .

How to Turn on Ads

  1. Go to your YouTube Studio.
  2. Click “Content” in the left sidebar.
  3. Select a video or multiple videos.
  4. Click Monetization in the left sidebar.
  5. Select the type of ads you want to run.
  6. Save.

2. YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is another gross stream you qualify for a soon as you join the YouTube Partner Program, and it can help boost your earnings .
how to monetize youtube videos - YouTube Premium
YouTube Premium is available to all YouTube history holders, and it offers users an upgrade experience. The big selling point for YouTube Premium is that it removes all ads, so people can watch their favorite videos without interruptions, and it besides allows you to run the YouTube app in the background without the video recording hesitate .
As a creator and YPP extremity, you get paid every time a YouTube Premium member watches your capacity, and as there are now over 20 million premium members, this might be happening quite frequently .
You get paid mechanically when a YouTube Premium member watches your contentedness, so once you ’ re accepted into the YPP, you don ’ t have to make any changes to your bill to benefit from this have .

3. Channel Memberships

Channel memberships are very similar to monetizing your web site through a membership program. This allows your members to pay a membership tip, and in retort, they get access to special videos, live chats, emojis, badges, and other capacity .
Of class, you will still need to focus on your barren contented to help grow your channel, but this allows you to maximize your gross on some of your best television .
how to monetize youtube videos through membership
Channel memberships are a great feature to help you monetize your videos, but as you might expect, there are some extra requirements to unlock this tax income stream. You need more than 30,000 subscribers .
In order to charge people for private message, YouTube needs to be confident you ’ re put up value, and one of the ways it judges this is by looking at how many people subscribe to your channel. once you ’ ve reached this milestone, you can easily enable duct members and start benefiting from this feature .

How to Turn on Channel Memberships

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. Select “Monetization” on the left sidebar.
  3. Submit your perks.
  4. Create your intro video.
  5. Choose your pricing structure (you can create multiple membership tiers, so you can hit many different price points).
  6. Post the “Join” button on your page.

4. Super Chat and Super Stickers

You may have tuned in to a livestream on YouTube and wondered how some people have managed to get their messages highlighted in the populate chew the fat. What they ’ ve done is purchase a extremely old world chat or super spine that allows their message to be featured and even pinned to the top of the new world chat .
For viewers, super chat offers greater access to the brand they ’ ra engaging with, and for content creators, it offers another gross flow.

Users can spend up to $ 500 for super chat, and you keep around 70 % of this, while YouTube takes the other 30 %. As you might imagine, if you have a large hearing watching a stream, then this can truly start to add up .
If you ’ re new to livestreaming, then here are some of my favored techniques for engaging with your hearing so you can boost those revenues .
There are some geographic limitations on where superintendent chat and superintendent stickers are available, sol make certain you ’ re in the mighty areas before getting set up with this big tax income flow .

How to Turn on Super Chat and Super Stickers

  1. Go to your YouTube Studio.
  2. Select “Monetization” in the left sidebar.
  3. From the top menu, select “Live Chat,” then “Get Started.”
  4. Follow the instructions until you see the message “Super chat status is on.”

5. Make Sponsored Content

Your options for making money aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate just limited to the YouTube Partner Program .
You can besides monetize your YouTube video and make some commodity money through sponsored content. This involves reaching out to brands and offering to create videos that feature their products, and there ’ s a big grocery store for this .
Companies are bequeath to pay full money to get their brands in front of a large, engaged consultation, so if your videos are getting lots of views, then this choice can become a primary monetization method for you .
A good way of finding companies to sponsor your YouTube contented is YouTube BrandConnect, which uses an algorithm to match you with electric potential sponsors. Like every monetization method acting, how much you get paid will depend on the quality of your subject and the total of viewers, but it ’ mho surely a good avenue to explore .

6. Crowdfund Your Projects

You ’ ve heard of crowdfunding for startups ; well, you can use the lapp theme to fund your capacity initiation on YouTube. With third-party applications like Patreon, you can find people to financially support the employment you do in reappearance for particular perks .
For example, you might offer people early on access to your modern capacity in reappearance for a $ 1-a-month subscription. You ’ re in see of the rewards, and the Patreon user decides how much they think your message is worth .
YouTube has besides recently added its own crowdfund feature of speech, where you can put a patron push button on your video recording. Just like with Patreon, this allows you to offer rewards to your consultation in return for monthly support. This option started for bet on channels, but is gradually being rolled out across more channels .

7. Sell Merchandise

If you ’ ve built a strong brand through your content, then chances are your hearing might want to engage with it by buying merchandise .
When your channel reaches 10,000 subscribers or more, you can open up YouTube ’ s merchandise feature and make yet another tax income flow. This choice might not be right for every channel, but it can bring in a significant income for some YouTuber accounts .
With 1,000,000 YouTube views a calendar month, it ’ mho estimated that a commodity merch ledge can bring in between $ 4,100 and $ 21,460 a month, therefore again, it ’ randomness worth explore .

How to Turn on Merchandise

  1. Go to YouTube Studio.
  2. Click “Monetization” on the left-hand menu.
  3. Click on the “merchandise” tab (it will only be visible if you’re eligible).
  4. Follow the instructions and receive your Teespring ID.

8. Become a Brand Affiliate

Affiliate links have long been a favored way for publishers to monetize their blogs and videos .
When you join an affiliate broadcast, you can choose from a variety of products to sell, and every meter person buys a product through your singular connection, you take a set up share of the prize of the sale .
consort offers will vary greatly, and there ’ s a broad assortment to choose from, but if you find products that match your capacity, then it can be a estimable tax income stream. Affiliate marketing gets talked about all the clock time on-line, but if you ’ ra looking for a few pointers, here are my ideas on when you should use affiliate selling .
The easiest way to add affiliate links to your subject is in the description. however, you can besides add them immediately into the video content itself .
When you ’ re doing this, remember that successful contented always offers rate, so any consort links you include have to be relevant and useful for your viewer. The products you recommend will reflect on you, so check that your affiliate links match the quality of your content .

A Quick Checklist to Monetize Your YouTube Channel

Monetizing your YouTube channel can create an extra gross pour for your business. here ’ s how to do it.

  1. Create an Account and Join YouTube Partner Program expression for the monetization check in YouTube Studio. The option will appear when you are eligible.
  2. Meet YouTube’s Requirements Have at least 1,000 subscribers or 4,000 watch hours in the final 12 months.
  3. Setup a Google Ad Account This will track the ads on YouTube. and pay you accordingly.
  4. Choose How To Monetize Your Channel ad tax income, YouTube Premium, channel memberships, and super chat are common options.
  5. Follow YouTube Monetization Best Practices only sponsor items you would buy, be reproducible, and make sure you understand your audience.

How to Monetize YouTube Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to monetize my YouTube videos?

The simplest way to monetize your YouTube video recording is to allow YouTube to include ads on your videos .

Do I need 1000 subscribers on YouTube to monetize?

You need either 1000 subscribers or 4,000 watch hours in the last year to immediately monetize videos on YouTube. however, you can use it to drive traffic to your locate and monetize your web site by selling services, downloads, etc .

How can I monetize YouTube videos faster?

Make surely to research your recess, create utilitarian content, and drive traffic from YouTube to channels you control, such as your web site or e-mail number. unfortunately, there is no “ quick and easy ” way to monetize Youtube ; you ’ ll need to put in the bring to build a relationship with your audience .

Is it hard to monetize YouTube?

It does take workplace and commitment to monetize videos on YouTube. Throwing up a few videos won ’ t make you a millionaire overnight. Start by following the tips above to find your audience and build reliance .

Monetize YouTube Conclusion

If you ’ re creating amazing content that engages YouTube ’ s audience, then you should be rewarded for it, and this is where monetization comes in. There are now lots of unlike ways you can monetize your YouTube video, and it ’ s possible to earn significant money from it .
however, in ordering to benefit from YouTube monetization, you ’ ve got to work hard to build your audience and reach the minimal thresholds of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours over the past 12 months .
This will take some oeuvre, but if you ’ re systematically creating great content, then it will come, and you can start to benefit from your hard function. With so many different monetization methods, there are enough of ways for you to build a consistent income through YouTube.

How do you monetize your YouTube video ?
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