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Credit circuit board debt takes a bell. Beyond the try of having it hanging over you, the matter to can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars per year. According to a NerdWallet study, the average U.S. family with revolving credit card debt — balances carried from one month to the next — will pay more than $ 1,000 in sake charges this year. The entirely way to eliminate credit card interest wholly is to pay your balance wheel in full every calendar month. But there are besides ways to reduce your interest costs significantly as you pay down debt.

1. Pay off your cards in order of their interest rates

If you have credit poster debt on multiple cards, some personal finance experts recommend paying them off according to the size of the balance, starting with the smallest. The idea is that the quick wins will give you momentum and motivation. however, it will save you the most money to pay your cards off in order of their interest rates, starting with the highest-rate wag and moving to the lowest.

2. Make multiple payments each month

Credit card issuers assess sake based on your average day by day libra, not your remainder at the conclusion of the month. Paying more than once per month — say, every two weeks — will reduce that average balance and, with it, your pastime charges. Say you have a recognition card remainder of $ 4,000 and will be able to pay $ 2,000 this month. If you wait to pay until the end of the placard cycle ( when you receive your poster ) to pay, your average daily balance will be $ 4,000. If you pay in the center of the cycle, your average casual balance will be $ 3,000 — $ 4,000 for 15 days and $ 2,000 for 15 days. The earlier you pay and the more you pay, the lower your average daily balance will be. Consider making a payment each time you get paid and any time you receive a boom, such as a cash endowment or a tax refund.

3. Avoid putting medical expenses on a credit card

According to our study, up to 27 million Americans could be putting checkup expenses on credit cards. While unexpected — or flush expected — checkup bills might not fit into your budget, putting them on a credit calling card is rarely the answer. Depending on the amount you owe, doing so could cost you hundreds of dollars in interest — and you may be able to pay the balance off while avoiding sake altogether. Doctors and hospitals will frequently help you set up an interest-free requital design with fair monthly payments. Call your doctor or hospital ’ sulfur placard department and ask about your options.

4. Consolidate your debt with a 0% balance transfer card

If you owe more than you can pay off in the next few months, signing up for a remainder transfer card may be a wise go. When you transfer a balance, you move your debt from one card to another, normally one with a 0 % interest rate for 12 to 18 months. Most cards will charge approximately 3 % of your libra to move your debt, although a few cards have no such tip or waive it for a short time. Getting approved typically requires beneficial or excellent credit. And you can ’ thyroxine transfer debt among cards from the lapp issuer — from one Chase card to another Chase tease, for exercise. If you use a balance transfer, make a plan to pay off your credit rating card debt before the 0 % introductory rate expires, so you can avoid paying any pastime.

5. Get a low-interest credit card for future spending

ideally, you ’ vitamin d spend within your means and pay off your credit batting order every month. But that ’ s not constantly possible. If you consistently carry a poise, consider applying for a low-interest credit card for future spend. The right field low-interest credit calling card for you depends on your situation. If you expect to carry a remainder only in the short-change term, attend for a card with a 0 % basic rate and pay it off in full before that rate expires. If you think you ’ ll be carrying balances beyond 12 to 18 months, get a poster with a low ongoing rate. You ‘ll probably have your cream of low-interest or 0 % cards if you have a good accredit grudge. That starts with paying your bill on time every calendar month — tied if you can pay only the minimum — and keeping your remainder low relative to your citation limit .

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