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For people who constantly pay bills on time and don ’ metric ton carry a remainder, it ’ south probably not deserving negotiating a lower interest rate since you wo n’t be charged concern. But if you ’ re carrying a balance wheel month to calendar month, then you ’ ll want your credit wag interest rate to be adenine low as possible. Your best option might be to open a newfangled credit circuit board or take out a loanword that has a lower interest rate than you presently have. ( More on that later. ) But if you truly want to lower the interest rate on your current credit card, here ’ s what to do :

Check your credit reports

Since lending money can be a bad business, the best interest rates are typically reserved for those with the best credit. So before you contact your tease issuer, you ’ ll want to know where you stand.

You can check your credit at You ’ re entitled to a detached reputation once a class from each of the three major accredit agency ( Experian, Equifax, TransUnion ). If your recognition is just all right, it ca n’t hurt to take some flying steps to improve your citation before you ask for a lower APR. But if you have major dings like bankruptcy, multiple missed payments or charge-offs, an issuer might be wary of offering you a lower APR . Nerdy gratuity : If you see any errors on any of your credit rating reports, dispute them with the appropriate credit agency a soon as possible. The action varies by issuer, but you can normally do this on-line, through the mail or by call .

Contact your credit card company

once you ’ ve checked your accredit reports and you ’ re ready to negotiate, reach out to the company that issues your credit card. You can do this by earphone, electronic mail or the issuer ’ s on-line chew the fat. There ’ s nothing improper with being honest and telling the issuer if you ’ ra struggling. You can explain that you want to make your payments, but that if your matter to rate isn ’ metric ton lowered, you might be in risk of default. If you have a long kinship and thoroughly track phonograph record with the bank, it will be more probably to grant your request. It ’ s dearly-won for the bank, besides, if you default, so the customer service rep may be will to work with you . Nerdy tip off : If you ’ re at risk of defaulting, lowering your sake rate might not be enough. Consider asking your accredit card issuer about hardship programs

, or contact a nonprofit credit rede agency, which can offer release money advice or laid you up with a debt management design .

Negotiate a lower credit card APR

successfully securing a lower interest rate may take more than one call call option. If you don ’ t get a thoroughly reception on your first try on, it doesn ’ metric ton hurt to contact the issuer again. You might try a different communication method or ask to speak with a supervisor. A supervisor will broadly be in a better placement to grant your request, anyhow. If you do succeed in getting a lower matter to rate, ask your issuer to send you a written confirmation of the changes.

Consider all your options first

even if you successfully lower your interest rate, it might not be the quickest manner to get out of debt. So before you go through the worry, consider these options first :

Cards with an introductory offer

many credit cards offer introductory 0 % APRs for anywhere from 12 to 21 months. You can find introductory offers on new purchases or counterweight transfers ( or sometimes both ). Most of these cards require good credit, but angstrom long as you qualify, you could avoid interest for a while. The Wells Fargo Reflect℠ Card, for exercise, offers the take after : 0 % presentation APR on Purchases for up to 21 months and 0 % intro APR on Balance Transfers up to 21 months from bill opening on qualifying remainder transfers, and then the ongoing APR of 13.74 % -25.74 % variable APR If you decide to transfer a balance to a wag with a 0 % basic offer, you ’ ll typically need to pay a little tip : normally from 3 % to 5 % of the overall balance. That fee might be inconvenient, but it ’ s significantly lower than the APR on most credit cards.

Low-interest credit cards

If you need to carry a balance for longer than the term you ‘d get on an introductory 0 % APR offer, you can apply for a low-interest credit card. As of February 2022, the median recognition calling card has a 14.56 % APR, according to data from the Federal Reserve. The APR on low-interest credit cards can be much lower than that, sometimes in the single digits. These cards won ’ thymine typically come with rewards or early perks, but they can save you a significant total on interest.

Debt consolidation

If you would prefer not to take out so far another credit calling card, consider getting a debt consolidation loanword with a fix rate. According to the Federal Reserve, a personal lend with a 24-month requital period has an average APR of 9.41 % as of February 2022. That ‘s significantly lower than the modal accredit poster interest rate, though not everyone will qualify for a rate that low. vitamin a long as your accredit qualifies you for a lower interest rate than your credit batting order presently has, a debt consolidation loanword can help you save money on interest and get you out of debt fast. Whether you decide to ask for a lower pastime rate or you go with a different option, make a design to pay off your debt. Credit cards can provide flying access to needed funds, but you wo n’t want to keep a balance wheel permanently if you can help it .

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