How Do I Check If My Taxes Were Filed?

The delay can seem like an eternity when you ‘re expecting a tax refund. You ’ ll probably find you have to wait at least a couple of weeks to see that money in your depository financial institution history even if you file early in the tax season. But the IRS makes it easy to check on the advance of your tax render. It provides a web site specifically designed for that determination. You can begin watching the web site for confirmation that your restitution has been received once you ‘ve filed. It will besides tell you when it ‘s been approved and submitted for processing. Understanding the timeline can give you a grating mind of when you can realistically expect your money.


  • You ’ ll receive a acknowledge confirmation from the IRS immediately if you file electronically. You can monitor the condition of your refund through the IRS Refund Status page after that point .

How to Check if Your Return Was Filed

Bookmark the IRS Refund Status page when you ‘ve filed your tax return. It can be found at You ’ ll besides see a link to the refund page on the independent IRS site. Provide your Social Security number, your filing status and the claim amount of the refund you ’ ra expecting to check your refund condition. The site should have data about your revert ​ 24 hours ​ after you submit it electronically. The information updates every 24 hours, normally nightlong. You probably won ’ t see any data on the IRS Refund Status page for at least four weeks if you mail in a newspaper retort. The IRS updated taxpayers by call on refund status before it set up this status page. You can still call the IRS for these updates, but the most current information is provided on the refund status page. The agency continues to experience delays with exist telephone confirm during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The IRS recommends calling merely if it ‘s been ​ 21 days or more ​ since you e-filed or ​ six weeks or more ​ since you mailed in your return unless the IRS Refund Status foliate tells you that you should contact the IRS. Otherwise, the web site is the best resource. ​ Read More: ​ The Federal Gift Tax and Holiday Giving

Confirming Your Filing

Checking to find out if your tax return was filed starts when you click the “ take ” release or place your return in the mail. You may think you ’ ve filed your return only to learn that it never went through. Checking to ensure that the IRS has received it depends on the way you filed. A professional tax preparer will be able to verify whether the submission went through if you use one. The IRS will confirm the return has been received in a matter of minutes in many cases. Ask your tax preparer to provide written ratification that your return is now with the IRS if you ‘re diffident. You should receive an electronic mail confirmation from the IRS if you use tax formulation software like TurboTax or TaxAct. Your software provider should besides provide a web site or link where you can check the condition of your tax return. Confirming receipt can be a moment more complicated if you file by postal chain mail. You can call the IRS and ask for an update after six weeks, but this can be a nail-biter if you file by and by in the tax season and you should be prepared for drawn-out wait times on the call during COVID. You may want to consider e-filing using the IRS ’ s release service if you qualify, unless you have a reason to file a paper-based return. The service will give you the electronic ratification you need within a topic of days. IRS Free File is available to anyone who earned ​ $73,000 ​ or less in the ​ 2021 tax year ​, the return key you ‘ll file in ​ 2022 ​.

Predicted Turnaround Times

Nine out of 10 refunds are issued ​ within 21 days ​ of a come back being filed, according to the IRS, but this reversion time doesn ’ triiodothyronine practice to the estimated 10 percentage of taxpayers who mail their returns. Paper returns take significantly longer to process, and the IRS has indicated that you can expect delays with this in the 2022 file season as well ascribable to the coronavirus pandemic. other issues can besides slow down your refund. The IRS is prohibited by law from issuing refunds before Feb. 15 to anyone who has claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit. The agency indicates that it could be mid-march before you receive the money, with or without a pandemic.

E-filing will get your refund to you more cursorily and you ’ ll know that the IRS has received your return about vitamin a soon as you ’ ve submitted it.

IRS Timeline for Paper Returns

Representatives manually review each newspaper tax return for errors. They correct those that can be easily fixed and forward them to the refund processing center. Payment is remitted based on the method acting the taxpayer selected on their rejoinder. A paper check must be printed and mailed via the postal organization if you do n’t request aim deposit. Transferring the funds electronically is a much quicker process.

Refund Delays Due to Error

There was credibly an error on your tax return key if receiving your refund is taking longer than you think it should. that couldn ’ thyroxine be well cleared up. evening a little mistake can slow things down if the IRS must reach out to you for clarifying data. The IRS will ​never​ electronic mail you or call you in this event. It will notify you and request the information by mail through the U.S. postal arrangement. Always double- and triple-check your tax render for mistakes if you prepare it yourself. It ’ s specially crucial to make sure you ’ ve included your compensate Social Security count. Make indisputable you ’ ve attached all necessary forms. Make surely you check your calculate deposit data and your mathematics because many returns are delayed based on those two things. even choosing the improper standard tax write-off for your historic period and filing status could slow things down.

Refund Delays Due to Fraud

deceitful activeness connected with your Social Security number can besides cause a delay in process. You likely won ’ t even be mindful of this until you file. deceitful tax action occurs when person uses your social Security number to file a hark back and get a refund. The means will know that something is afoot when you try to file your own return and they already have one filed on your behalf.

Speeding Up Your Refund

You can do a few things to try to hurry your refund along a little. The first step is to avoid filing a newspaper tax tax return. E-filing will get your refund to you more promptly and you ’ ll know that the IRS has received your come back about ampere soon as you ’ ve submitted it. Another way to speed up your refund is to opt to receive it electronically. You ‘ll be waiting much longer if you choose to have a check mailed to you. You can have your refund deposited in up to three discriminate bank accounts. You should besides begin checking the IRS Refund Status page a soon as possible and check it regularly throughout the time you ’ rhenium waiting for your refund. You ‘ll see a request to call the IRS early on in the march if there ‘s a problem, possibly letting you clear things up cursorily so that your tax return can be moved to the refund action stage.

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