Does My Car Have an Extended Warranty? Here’s How to Check It.

While new cars come with manufacturer warranties, besides known as factory warranties, used cars are frequently sold with offer warranties to keep you protected in case of a sudden breakdown .
If you purchased your vehicle at a franchise, you may have been offered a fomite avail condense, or extended guarantee. If you bought your car privately from an individual, it ’ second highly unlikely extended guarantee coverage was discussed or included. however, if you ’ ra uncertain on whether or not your car has an widen guarantee in place, it ’ randomness worth checking sooner than by and by .
Follow the childlike steps in this guidebook to get the answers you need .

Think your car may still be covered by the original manufacturer warranty?

You can check when the cable car was first purchased by doing a crack on the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System web site and then comparing with how erstwhile the fomite is and checking the mileage on the odometer. Go to our stake with details of different factory guarantee lengths here for more information .

How Can I Find Out If I Have an Extended Warranty?

Follow these steps to check if you have an extend guarantee on your car—and if you ’ re calm covered .

Step 1: Locate the Paperwork

The easiest way to check is to find the paperwork you received when you bought the car. If you ’ re in luck, this will include the details of your stretch guarantee, which is probably referred to as a vehicle service contract ( VSC ) .
…And If You Don’t Have the Paperwork
If you can ’ t find the paperwork, or you ’ ve lost it, it gets a bite crafty .
Contact the dealer: The adjacent thing to try is to get in partake with the franchise where you bought the car. You want to find out the supplier and the report menstruation and mileage, which you can then check to see if you ’ re silent under guarantee. They should have a phonograph record of the purchase and will at least be able to tell you which extended guarantee provider they would have offered you cover with. If you have a manufacturer-issued guarantee, any official franchise should have a commemorate of it and be able to help .
If you can ’ metric ton get in partake with the dealer, because it ’ s gone out of business or for any other reason, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate worry—you still have a couple of things you can try .
Contact the financing company: First, if you took out finance to buy the car, you can contact the finance company, who should have a record of it. If you have the paperwork from the loan, it may contain the details you need .
Contact extended warranty providers: Finally, try contacting the manufacturer or extended guarantee provider directly to check their records to see if you have coverage with them. obviously, this is potentially time-consuming, and it will make smell to start with the major providers as it ’ second more likely you ’ ll have been offered one of their plans. Find details of the independent providers here .
If you manage to get handle of the compress, or at the very least the provider and old age or mileage limit, you can follow the following steps. If you don ’ t have any luck, you ’ ll have to assume you have no active coverage in station .

Step 2: Check for Expiry and Mileage

following, check the narrow for the exhalation date and mileage limit—make a note of whichever one comes first .
then, plainly check how long it ’ mho been since you took out the cover and whether you ’ ve clocked up more than the let miles on the car ’ sulfur odometer.

Step 3: Check Your Coverage Is Still Valid

merely one concluding crack to make. Read the shrink cautiously and check you ’ ve kept up with the maintenance schedule and have the relevant paperwork, if applicable, and you haven ’ thymine voided any of the other terms. You can have a look at some common reasons your guarantee could become void hera .
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I’m Not Covered. What Should I Do?

If your vehicle international relations and security network ’ thyroxine under guarantee, you might want to consider investing in an cover guarantee arsenic soon as possible. run warranties are available from different providers and with varying levels of cover to meet all your needs and budget .
Selecting the correct vehicle service condense provides you with arrant coverage when combined with your policy. While car insurers cover you for damage and repairs if your fomite is involved in an accident, they broadly don ’ thyroxine volunteer protection against the costs of routine maintenance and repairs .
We ’ ve put together a buyer usher to give you a bit-by-bit process for choosing the right coverage plan. besides make indisputable you check out our reviews —based on our own experiences after testing them all ourselves .
If you ’ d like to read up on more basics to do with extensive warranties, you can find more information hera .

What Is an Extended Warranty?

An gallop guarantee is different to the original guarantee the manufacturer issues on a raw cable car. While alike in principle and designed to provide peace of mind and cover for sealed repairs and maintenance over a specify total of years and miles, there are some differences .
besides known as a fomite service shrink ( VSC ), an extend guarantee can be provided by the manufacturer or a third-party supplier and is available as an accessory when you purchase a cable car, or at any fourth dimension after purchasing a car. You don ’ t have to get this cover, but if you want to mitigate the probably costs of maintenance and repairs, it ’ s surely well worth considering .
Read more about the different ways you can protect your vehicle .
Depending on which supplier you use, different coverage plans are available for your cable car, given its age and mileage. Some plans cover the costs of repairs to good the basic mechanical parts, while others will be more comprehensive .
The coverage time period with an extensive guarantee depends on the terms of the specific plan you purchased, so if you aren ’ triiodothyronine sure whether your car is silent covered, you ’ ll need to perform a simple confirmation.


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