How To Become An Uber Eats Driver [Signup Process]

today RSG contributor Kate Hornsby goes in-depth on how to sign up to become an Uber Eats driver, including how much you can expect to earn and what requirements you ’ ll need to meet to get started .
If you ’ ra looking for a job with flexible hours, the ability to make your own agenda, and want to control how little or much you work, becoming an Uber Eats driver is a capital way to do it .

Unlike some freelancer contractor jobs, there ’ s no interview process and getting started is ampere bare as downloading the app onto your smartphone or visiting their web site.

Uber Eats Sign-Up Process

Signing up to become an Uber Eats driver is a relatively straightforward process and is done wholly on-line. It does require a background check/screening, however, and you will need to upload some ask documents along with your photograph before you can begin. Once the company has all the data they need, you ’ ll receive a presentment your score is active and you ’ re cook to receive delivery requests .
Let ’ s take a look at how the process works .

Step-by-Step Uber Eats Application Process

  1. Use the Google Play or Apple App store to download the Uber Eats Delivery App, or you can visit the Uber website on your computer to start the application process.
  2. Provide your name and email address to get started. You will also need to select a password and the location for your delivery service area. If someone has referred you, provide your (optional) invite code so that they will receive their reward for recommending you.
  3. Agree to a background and right-to-work check.
  4. Fill out the information about your vehicle and upload your photo.
  5. Wait to receive the notification you have passed your background check (typically takes 3 to 10 days).
  6. Start making deliveries!

Uber Eats Driver Requirements

The requirements to work as an Uber Eats rescue driver can vary depending on the character of fare you will use to make your deliveries. Requirements may differ depending on your city or country ’ s laws and regulations .
For delivery by car :

  • Must have a valid driver’s license in your name
  • Provide your Social Security number for a background check/screening
  • Meet the minimum age to drive in the area you want to deliver in
  • Own a smartphone (iPhone or Android) that allows access to the Uber Eats driver app

For delivery by scooter :

  • Must have a valid driver’s license in your name
  • Provide your Social Security number for a background check/screening
  • Be at least 18 or 19 years of age (varies depending on location)
  • Choose Delivery by Scooter under the transportation method
  • Have a motorized scooter under 50cc 

For rescue by bicycle or on infantry :

  • Must have a government-issued ID card
  • Provide your Social Security number for a background check/screening
  • Be at least 18 or 19 years of age (varies depending on location)
  • Choose Delivery by Bicycle or Delivery by Foot under transportation method

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Uber Eats Vehicle Requirements

minimum Requirements :

  • Vehicle is new or no older than 15 years
  • Vehicle has 4 doors (although requirements vary by vehicle option)
  • Vehicle is in good condition with no cosmetic damage
  • Vehicle does not have commercial banding

Uber Eats does not require the driver to have the registration in their name to qualify ; however, drivers must maintain an policy policy on the vehicle they are driving in accord with local and state laws .

How to Do Your First Uber Eats Delivery! 

# 1 – Tap on your Uber Driver App to open the App .
# 2 – Check to see if there are any Quests or Opportunities you can take contribution in to make some extra pay while you ’ rhenium making your deliveries, or if you prefer, you can just go straight to looking for deliveries .
# 3 – Tap on the blue button to go on-line and find a delivery you want to accept .
# 4 – Accept a rescue ordering and make the delivery .

Does Uber Eats Offer a Sign-Up Bonus?

Yes, and no. Established Uber Eats drivers can earn a reward by referring person. This total varies by placement. To qualify, the person you refer must make a certain number of deliveries during a set time period .
a far as a new driver earning a sign-up bonus, it ’ s a bit more complicate. Rather than calling it a bonus, Uber Eats offers modern drivers an bonus as a guarantee payment come you will receive if you complete a certain numeral of deliveries .
As an exercise, in Atlanta, Georgia, Uber Eats presently offers ( as of April 2022 ) a undertake that new drivers will make $ 1600 if they make 200 singular deliveries in 30 days, or the company will pay the remainder. This means that if you only make $ 1,400 during this clock time period, Uber Eats would pay you an extra $ 200 for a sum of $ 1,600.

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, however, the new driver incentive is $ 1,800 for making 200 deliveries within 30 days .
There are a lot of exceptions and restrictions as to how this incentive is calculated, so do surely to read over the propose carefully to ensure you understand the conditions when you sign up .

Is Uber Eats Worth It?

Having a elastic schedule and the ability to set your own hours could decidedly make driving for Uber Eats worth it, particularly if you like the estimate of acting as your own party boss .
Uber Eats drivers typically make around $ 20 to $ 25 an hour, but by taking advantage of some of their incentives and bonuses, you could find yourself making a bunch more .

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Uber Eats FAQs

How much do Uber Eats drivers earn?

Uber Eats drivers average about $ 20-25 per hour before incentives and bonuses. This varies by region and by the feat each driver puts into it .

Is Uber Eats driving worth it?

If you like the idea of setting your own schedule, driving when you want to, and earning around $ 20/hr, then yes, it ’ s decidedly worth it .

Does Uber Eats pay for gas?

No, the ship’s company does not reimburse you for gas expenses. You will need to pay for your own natural gas, but we recommend using cash rear apps like GetUpside to save at the heart .

Do Uber Eats drivers get paid the same day?

Yes and no. Uber Eats drivers can cash out their earnings from that day for a fee. But, if you keep your earnings on the app, you ’ ll receive paid out once per week in the form of a direct deposit .

How much do Uber Eats drivers make before tips?

Some drivers have self-estimated that tips make up about 40-60 % of their earnings. That would mean that without tips, the $ 20-25 an hour would drop down to about $ 8-15 an hour. This varies by market and by customer. not all customers will tip .

Do Uber Eats drivers see tips before delivery?

sort of. The Uber Eats acceptance shield shows “ includes expected gratuity ” before you accept an offer. See acceptance screen example below :

Will you give Uber Eats a try ? Tell us about your new experiences in the comments !
-Kate @ RSG
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