Getting paid

Getting paid

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All Shopify-supported payment methods trust on third-party providers to process your transactions. These providers might charge extra fees, angstrom well as enforce rules about what products you can sell using their service. When you set up a payment method acting, check with the company providing the service to make certain you understand their rules and fees .

How you get paid

When you set up a requital supplier to accept credit card payments, each payment must be processed, so there is normally a delay between when the customer pays for their order and when you receive the requital. After the payment is processed, the purchase measure will be transferred to your merchant account. other requital providers, such as PayPal, will have their own ways of getting funds from your customer to you. Check with the service you are using to find out how they will pay you. You can accept manual payments outside of your on-line checkout, such as money orders or bank transfers. Unless you activate Shopify Payments as your payment provider, you ‘ll be charged third-party transaction fees for all orders that are n’t brokered financially by Shopify. This includes all orders that go through Shopify ‘s check system.

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If your store has Shopify Payments enabled, then you receive payments through Shopify Payouts when a customer pays using Shopify Payments and specific accelerated checkouts. If customers pay using third-party payment gateways, then you wo n’t see your payout information in your Shopify admin .

Shopify Payments pay periods based on countries and regions
Payment provider Provider type How the customer pays How you get paid
Shopify Payments Payment gateway Using Shopify Payments Through Shopify Payments
Apple Pay Accelerated checkout Using Apple Pay Through Shopify Payments
Amazon Pay Payment gateway Using Amazon Pay By Amazon
Facebook Pay Accelerated checkout Using Facebook Pay Through Shopify Payments
Google Pay Accelerated checkout Using Google Pay Through Shopify Payments
PayPal Payment gateway Using PayPal By PayPal
Shop Pay Accelerated checkout Using Shop Pay Through Shopify Payments
Shop Pay Installments Payment gateway Using Shop Pay By Affirm, through Shop Pay Installments

How often you get paid

If you use Shopify Payments, then you can check your give time period to see when you receive payouts from credit card orders. other payment providers have their own rules on when you receive payouts for credit menu orders. Check with your provider to find out how often you will be paid. After the payout is sent, it might not be received by your bank right away. It can take a few days after the payout is sent for it to be deposited into your trust score. Check with your deposit if you find your payouts are being delayed .


You will not receive payouts on bank holidays .

Shop Pay Installments

After you ‘ve captured the requital for an order placed using Shop Pay Installments, you ‘ll receive broad payment for your order within 1 to 3 business days, excluding the fee incurred for using Shop Pay Installments. You do n’t have to collect payments from your customers. You get paid by Affirm and your payouts are sent to the same deposit account that you use for Shopify Payments. Custom payout schedules do n’t affect Shop Pay Installments payouts. Learn more about Shop Pay Installments.

How much you get paid

You can be charged several third-party transaction fees for on-line transactions. For credit card transactions, the issuer, the acquirer, and the credit wag company all charge a humble tip for using their services. You are n’t charged third-party transaction fees for orders when you ‘re using Shopify Payments. You pay only the citation card action fees, depending on your Shopify subscription plan. If you ‘re using a third-party payment provider with Shopify, then you ‘re charged a third-party transaction tip .

How a credit card payment gets processed

When a customer pays for their on-line club using a citation wag, the requital has to be processed before the funds are added to your merchant account. Credit card process is done for you by your payment supplier. This process has the succeed stages :


The customer uses their credit card to pay for the order on your storehouse. The requital supplier you ‘ve set up checks with the issuer to make certain the credit poster is valid. If the tease is valid and has enough funds, then the issuer authorizes the payment. No funds are transferred at this stage .


After the payment is authorized, the payment has to be captured. When a payment is captured, details about the payment are sent to the acquirer.


The acquirer reviews the payment details, and then requests the necessary funds from the company that processes the customer ‘s credit poster. The credit card company sends the transaction information to the issuer. The issuer subtracts a small tip from the total transaction measure, and then sends the remaining come spinal column to the credit card company. The card company subtracts their fee, and then sends the remaining come to the acquirer .


The merchant bank subtracts a little fee from the measure, and then transfers the final examination amount to your merchant bill .

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