How to Get W-2s Without Going through the Employer

What happens when a W-2 form goes missing ? A missing W-2 form can put a wrinkle in your plans to file your taxes on fourth dimension. It ‘s significant to note that a missing W-2 form is not considered a valid reason for not filing. You ‘re still creditworthy for filing your taxes even if you ca n’t locate your W-2. however, you do have the choice to file for a tax extension if you do n’t think you ‘ll be able to pull together everything you need in time to file by the April 15 deadline. If you ‘re looking to get your W-2 without going through an employer, you have some options. Take a look at the fastest means to get your W-2 without asking an employer.

What’s Included on a W-2 Form?

Your W-2 is a shape that ‘s completed by your employer that tracks all of your earned wages and withhold taxes for the class. It besides covers any tips, 401 ( potassium ) contributions and health premiums. You should expect to receive a W-2 for your 2020 taxes in 2021 if you were an employee during 2020. If you worked as a contractor, you can credibly expect to receive a Form 1099-NEC rather.

Will the IRS Give You a Copy of Your W-2?

The preferable way to get a imitate of your W-2 is to merely ask your employer. You may even be able to get your W-2 from your employer without technically “ asking ” them for a copy if they decidedly issued one. hera ‘s why :

  • When employers send W-2s electronically to employees, they also submit them to the IRS.
  • Most online tax software can import your W-2 if it was sent to the IRS.
  • It’s also possible that an electronic version of your W-2 got lost in your email spam folder. Do a quick search in your email for “W-2” or “tax information” to see if it’s stuck somewhere if you don’t have access to tax software.

You ‘re not cling if these tips do n’t solve the problem. You can calm ask the IRS immediately for your W-2 information. In fact, this might be your only option if your employer has gone out of business. The IRS may be your entirely resource if your employer merely did n’t send a W-2 for the year. If you ca n’t get in tint with your employer to get a W-2, you can reach out to your local IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center ( TAC ). The IRS will use your name, Social Security number, estimate of wages and estimate of federal income tax withhold to try to help you. Bringing along your paycheck butt from the tax year in question can be helpful because engage and withholding information will all be visible. You may need to file Form 4852 with your tax rejoinder if the IRS is unable to get your employer to comply. shape 4852 is considered to be a valid substitute for a W-2 in cases where W-2s are not sent by employers. ​ Read More: ​ How to File your Income Tax Return Without Your W2

Request a Wage Transcript From the IRS

Another option is to request a wage and income transcript from the IRS. This transcript will contain all of the union tax data that your employer has reported to the Social Security Administration ( SSA ). There are a few things to know about this option. First, an IRS engage transcript does not contain any information regarding your state of matter or local tax information. second, wage transcripts typically are n’t available until July of the adopt year. however, you can request engage and income transcripts going rear ​ 10 years ​.

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