We have Navy Federal Credit Union as our bank and when I look it up the name, it is not a bank option that pulls up

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I did a manual data entry for dividend and interest. But Navy Federal Brokerage is a substantial challenge so far. They issue the 1099-b with their spouse Pershing LLC that shows as “ custodian ”. Pershing has a relationship with Turbo Tax and no one so far is explaining the work to download the tax data. I will come back if there is a solution. If some knows how to do it…. help ! ! !

I ‘m a chap drug user in this community forum, so the only room I can help you is by experimenting. I ‘ll tell you what I found and how to get extra help lower down. On the import screen for 1099-B, when I try to enter “ Pershing ” in the mental hospital line, the entirely things that come up for me that are Pershing-related are :

NetXInvestor ( Pershing ) BNY MELLON ( Pershing ) If I enter just “ Persh ”, I get this resultant role : BNY MELLON ( Pershing )
FSC equipped ( FSC Securities-Persh. Accts )
NetXInvestor ( Pershing )
RAA equipped ( Royal Alliance-Persh. Accts )
SAIeQuipt ( SecAmerica-Persh. Accts )
SPF equipped ( SagePoint Financial-Persh. Accts )
WFS equipped ( Woodbury Financial Services-Persh Accts ) I think NetXInvestor ( Pershing ) handles multiple institutions. Out of curio, if I select that one, I see that the TurboTax interface then asks for a “ fiscal Institution Number ” in summation to the login credentials. That Financial Institution Number likely distinguishes between the assorted institutions that use NetXInvestor ( Pershing ). But I have no way of knowing if Navy Federal Brokerage uses NetXInvestor (Pershing) or not.

Do you know if Navy Federal Brokerage happens to use NetXInvestor ( Pershing ) by any luck ? possibly that ‘s what they use, but I do n’t know. How do you look at your investment account–do you log in through Navy Federal Brokerage or another company such as NetXInvestor.com  ? You should talk by phone with Navy Federal Brokerage and, if necessary, Pershing to see how they handle it. Ask them EXACTLY who they use for any import purposes into TurboTax. If they do use NetXInvestor ( Pershing ) for this function, then you will need the specific Financial Institution Number in addition to your NetXInvestor log in credentials. Of course, if they do not use NetXInvestor for this purpose, then this wo n’t apply. If you do n’t get other suggestions in this weave, here ‘s how to earphone TurboTax Support to see if they have any extra information. But you should credibly try to pin down Navy Federal Brokerage and Pershing for information beginning.

TurboTax Support hours are 5AM-9PM Pacific ( 8AM-12 Midnight Eastern ) 7 days/week. You can use this contact form to get a call numeral.
hypertext transfer protocol : //support.turbotax.intuit.com/contact

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