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How to Request IRS Forms by Mail How to Request IRS Forms by Mail

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Scott Olson/Getty Images News/GettyImages In most cases, person taxpayers and businesses use several different forms to complete their tax returns. If you do n’t have the compulsory forms on pass, or you made a mistake on a form and you ‘d like a new shape to replace the old one, you can contact the Internal Revenue Service ( IRS ) and have the forms mailed immediately to you. There are a few ways to get the IRS tax forms by chain mail, including ordering them online or over the earphone .

Prepare for the Order

Before you can ordering the tax forms, you ‘ll need to make a number of the exact forms you require. The IRS will need to know the tax year, merchandise name and championship of each shape. For example, you may require a ​ 2021 ​ ( year ) Form W-2 ( product name ) Wages and Tax Statement ( deed ). once you have the tilt, make a note as to the number of copies you need of each form ( not the number of pages ) .
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There is a limit on the number of copies you can request for delivery by mail. The IRS puts a ​ 1,000 copy cap ​ on forms and supplies for information returns and employer returns with precisely one set of instructions to go with those copies. When it comes to instructions and publications, you can order improving to ​ 25 of each ​. For forms and publications for your actual tax return, there ‘s a ​ 100 copy cap ​ on forms with just one bent of instructions and a ​ five copy limit ​ on instructions and publications .

Order IRS Forms Online

Both information returns and employer returns are available for on-line ordering directly from the IRS ‘s web site ​ 24 hours a day ​. once on the web site, scroll through the list and place the measure of forms you need in the appropriate boxes. At the bottom of the number, click the “ Add to Cart ” yellow journalism to put the forms in your haul .
ad A shop cart summary will appear on your filmdom and from there you can update the quantities, remove items, empty the haul, resume shopping or proceed to checkout. Enter your list and embark data and pawl “ Continue. ” The final page will show your address and the items in your cart. If everything looks as it should, press the “ Confirm ” button. Your forms should arrive within ​ 10 days ​ .

If you ‘re looking for products that will help you complete your individual tax return key, head to the Forms & Publications by Mail page and enter the list of the shape in the search corner. Place a check mark by the correct form in the search results and click the green “ Add to Cart ” button. Follow the lapp instructions as above to check out and have your items mailed immediately to you .
ad If you need any of the follow forms, you ‘ll need to skip to the section on downloading and printing forms, as these are only available in an electronic format : 1097-BTC, 1098-C, 1098-MA, 1099-CAP, 1099-LTC, 1099-Q, 1099-QA, 1099-SA, 3922, 5498-ESA, 5498-QA, 5498-SA .

Request Forms by Phone

Another way to have IRS forms mailed to your dwelling is by calling and speaking to an agent at ​ 800-TAX-FORM ​ ( ​ 800-829-3676 ​ ). Representatives are available every Monday through Friday between the hours of ​ 7 a.m. ​ and ​ 10 p.m. ​ local time ( Pacific Time for Alaska and Hawaii ) .
ad Let the agent know which tax forms or publications you require and how many. Provide your name and shipping address and the congressman will place the order. You should receive the forms within ​ 10 days ​ .

Download and Print the Forms

Most forms, instructions and publications can be downloaded to your computer and then printed out. headway to the Forms, Instructions & Publication page on the IRS web site and use the search box to find the class you need. From there, you ‘ll see the name of the form with a blasphemous PDF button next to it .
ad Click on the liaison and the shape will appear on your blind. Press the download picture ( an arrow facing down ) to transfer the document to your computer. If you wish, you can besides click the print picture ( image of a printer ) and print the form without downloading it. There is no limit to the number of copies you can print.


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