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A wholesale license is required for any business sell or buying goods or services in the submit of Florida. A wholesale license is besides known as a Florida resale certificate, Florida seller ’ second license, or Florida sales tax allow .

Who Needs a Wholesale License?

Any type of business entity that operates in Florida can require a seller ’ randomness license. If your occupation sells goods or services or if your lease or lease commercial property, you need to have a seller ’ sulfur license .
additionally, online eCommerce retailers that sell goods in Florida and businesses that sell products and services at conferences and trade shows in Florida should have a resale certificate.

What Paperwork Is Required to Get One?

You will need all relevant information about your clientele, including your social security system number, employer designation number ( EIN ), assumed list registrations, electronic mail address, personal references, bank account information, and commercial enterprise registration data .

Steps to Get Your Wholesale License in Florida

Step 1: Choose a Business Structure

When starting a occupation, you need to decide on the structure of your business, such as a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or pot .
Choose a Business Structure Choose a Business Structure

Step 2: Register Your Business

Before you can get a seller ’ s allow you need to register your commercial enterprise with the state of matter of Florida and obtain a business license .
Business Registration Business Registration

Step 3: Apply for Your EIN

An EIN is like your social security number, except it is for your Florida business. You can obtain an EIN from the IRS by filling out an on-line application. You will need an EIN to file tax returns for your commercial enterprise, arsenic well as to pay federal use taxes for your employees .
EIN Application EIN Application

Step 4: Obtain Your Seller’s Permit

There are two ways to obtain a seller ’ s license in Florida. You can apply online through the Florida Department of Revenue or use an expedite rate process through a third-party service like FastFilings .
Using our service helps you avoid confusing Florida paperwork and application forms like form DR-1. Plus, you won ’ t have to worry about making mistakes on the application, which could lead to a rejection .
You can have your seller ’ randomness permit within a few hours, in most cases, so you can start selling your goods and services right away.

What’s the Difference Between a Seller’s Permit and a Resale License in Florida?

The state of Florida does not have freestanding seller ’ south permits and resale licenses. Rather, your seller ’ randomness license is besides your resale license, sweeping license, and sales tax license. With your seller ’ second license, you can sell taxable goods and services to consumers .
furthermore, it allows you to exempt yourself from paying taxes when buying trade from your vendors and supplies that you plan on reselling. While you are not required to pay sales tax, you will need to collect sales tax when you sell the trade to your customers .

Are Vendors Required to Accept a Resale License in Florida?

Vendors do not have to accept resale licenses in Florida. They can however charge a business sales tax on merchandise they supply. however, most vendors do accept resale certificates and forfeit sales taxes .
If you encounter a seller that does not, you should keep detail records. You can get a sales tax credit rating when you file your sales taxes with the submit. additionally, you will even need to collect sales tax from your customers, even though you were charged sales tax excessively .

Does a Florida Wholesale License Expire?

arsenic long as you are using your Florida wholesale license, it will never expire. technically, they do expire on December 31st each year, but the submit mechanically renews active agent licenses, so there is no indigence to reapply for a new one .
however, if you do not use your license for more than a year, the state may cancel it. If they do, you must reapply and obtain a new license before you can resume selling goods and services in Florida .

Can I Buy Merchandise in Florida with a Resale Certificate from Another State?

Florida requires all out-of-state businesses to obtain a Florida resale security to avoid paying sales taxes on trade purchased in the express. otherwise, you are charged sales tax on any goods you buy, even when you plan on reselling the goods to your customers.

Out-of-state businesses are besides required to collect sales taxes on any goods they sell to their customers in Florida since they have a Florida resale security. so, keep this in mind when deciding if not having to pay sales tax in Florida on your trade for your minor clientele is worth the add responsibility of having to collect sales tax from your customers in Florida .

Ready to Get Your Florida Wholesale License?

If you are ready to get your Florida wholesale license to start selling goods and services in Florida, a well as to take advantage of not paying sales taxes to your vendors and suppliers, fill out your application on-line at FastFilings today !

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