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The lifeline government aid course of study that started in 1985 to help households, at or below the poverty level trace, afford a means of communication. Qualified customers will receive 6GB of Data and 100 international SMS each month. With cell phones as the primary coil means of communication throughout the nation and the earth, cipher should live without one. The program is available today through Airvoice Wireless. Apply Today. You can besides qualify for California LifeLine if your family ‘s sum annual arrant income is at or less than these annual income limits : FeelSafe Wireless is able to offer these government-assisted radio receiver call services for qualifying individuals ; for more information, please chatter on the FAQ check at the top of the page to view the Frequently Asked Questions .

Service Availability

Service is available entirely if you are within the Feel Safe Wireless GSM coverage area. Service may be interrupted due to system capacity limitations and system repairs or modifications. Service is subjugate to limitation or break caused by weather, terrain, obstructions such as trees or buildings and other conditions. Feel Safe Wireless is not creditworthy for fourth dimension lost or days lost for interruption of overhaul caused by above mentioned. There will be no credits or refunds issued for any reason.

Use of Device

merely Certified & Approved Unlocked 850/1900 MHz GSM phones are compatible with Feel Safe Wireless service .

Right to Terminate Service

We reserve the right to cancel, interrupt or restrict service to your number, without comment if we suspect deceitful, illegal or abusive activity, abnormally high amounts of use, failure to maintain an appropriate account proportion for applicable charges, for harassing our employees and/or harassing early Air Voice customers. Some examples of deceitful action include Traffic Pumping and Spam Messaging. We reserve the right to cancel accounts for deceitful activity based on articulation calls, SMS, MMS and data use .

Release of information

Feel Safe Wireless may release information about your account when we believe release is allow to comply with the jurisprudence ( i.e. subpoena, court order, E911 information, and so forth ). There will be no call histories released to customers for any reason .

PUK Codes

Please contact our US based customer service at 1-877-247-7799 if your phone asks for a PUK code. Do not attempt guessing any codes because it will disable your SIM wag .

Phone Codes

If your earphone is asking for ANY codes you are not mindful of, do not attempt guessing any codes because it may disable your SIM batting order. You will need a raw Non-Active Feel Safe Wireless SIM circuit board if you disable your SIM batting order .

Account Information

Any person that is able to verify your mobile number, SIM wag count and/or report information is authorized by you to make changes to your bill .

Ability to change services

You will have the ability to change from one Feel Safe Wireless rate plan to another upon request if proper confirmation is provided. Please contact our US based customer service at 1-877-247-7799 .

Cancellation Policy

cancellation requests should be put in writing, faxed to ( 248 ) 239-0182. You will lose any remaining airtime on your history. Feel Safe Wireless will not provide a refund or credit for any remaining airtime lost .

Porting Policy

You are able to port your count out of Feel Safe Wireless to other carriers. Feel safe Wireless does not guarantee that act transfers to or from our company will be successful. If you request to port your number out to another company, that is considered a request by you to us to terminate all of the services associated with that number. Your remaining airtime will be forfeited and you will not receive a credit for the remaining poise. Feel Safe Wireless will not release your radio receiver count to another carrier without proper verification. If you are attempting to change service providers, you will need to verify your four-digit pin vitamin a well as your Feel Safe Wireless SIM wag number, which is your account numeral, in arrange to transfer your account. Your report must be in an active agent status in orderliness to port out .


You will be billed regular airtime charges for calls made to 800, 866, 877, 888 and all other toll free calls. Domestic long distance calls will be billed at regular airtime charges. Calls to international numbers will be billed at a higher rate ( call customer service for rates ). For all calls, the length of the call will be measured during the time that you are connected to our system, which is approximately from the time you press “ SEND ” or other identify to begin a predict until approximately the time you press “ END ” key to terminate the call. Airtime use on each call is deducted in wide moment increments, with overtone minutes of use rounded up to the future full moment. Unanswered calls lasting 30 seconds or more will be charged standard airtime and rounded up to the nearest infinitesimal. Features such as call waiting, 3-way calling, call forwarding and voice mail will incur applicable airtime charges .

Account Balance

All calls will be automatically deducted from your report balance. Balances are not assignable or refundable. Airtime can not be moved from one earphone count to another call number. You should take fair efforts to safeguard your call and Refill airtime cards. Refill Airtime expires “ X ” amount of days after a refill card is added to your account whether you use the airtime or not .

Use of Service/Rates

International rates vary and are submit to change without comment. It is always best to contact customer service for up to date rates and available countries. You can not use our service to place calls to numbers that begin with 500, 700, 855, 900 or 976. You can not use the servicing to target operator assisted calls such as third party billed, and roll up calls. If you are unable to successfully place a call out, attempt dialing with 1 + the sphere code + the 7-digit total. It is highly commend that you power motorbike your earphone at least once per day to help re-register our phone within the Network .


All disputes must be submitted within 30 days. Feel Safe Wireless is not creditworthy for disputes that occurred more than 30 days from the date of the dispute.

Multimedia Messaging

This servicing will alone work if used with a compatible handset, the compulsory have code on the report and on handsets that are by rights configured with Feel Safe Wireless MMS settings. Feel Safe Wireless is not responsible if you are unable to download, or save ringtones, games or early multimedia content to your wireless device. The Feel Safe Wireless Talk, Text & MMS with Data service provides you with the ability to send and receive MMS messages as a combination of textbook, photos, animations, television or sound on compatible handsets. not all MMS handsets support all features of the serve. MMS customers can not send and receive messages in MMS format with other mobile customers who do not have an MMS compatible handset and/or are not activated for MMS. If an MMS message is sent to a fluid handset that can not receive the message in MMS format, the recipient of the message will be sent a text message telling the recipient role their message can be viewed on-line. The recipient role will need to have an SMS compatible handset and service to receive this message. The recipient role can access the message via the web site for up to 7 days before deletion. There may be a delay between when a message is sent and when it is received. Feel Safe Wireless accepts no liability for any personnel casualty or wrong as a result of a delay in receiving a message, a message not being plug or not rescue of a sent message. Recipients of your sent message must be within the coverage of their participating supplier ‘s mobile network to receive a Multimedia message .

Mobile Web/Data

This service will only work on compatible handsets that offer a web browser, the command feature of speech code on the report and on handsets that are properly configured with Feel Safe datum settings. Air Voice will not credit back internet use time for any reason. You are allotted a certain amount of data per 30 day period based on your selected rate plan. A data session consists from the time you access the internet via the mobile device until you terminate the session. Each data session is billed in use per KB. There are 1024 KB in one MB. multiple sessions can be initiated within a 24 hour period and each will be considered separate of your data allotment ( depending on your design ) as independent events. You are responsible for ending each data seance. If you fail to end a session, the internet will hush be considered connected on your device, and will be counted as separate of your data allotment ( depending on your design ). failure to log off of the internet will result in depletion of your internet custom time, and will not be credited back to you by Feel Safe Wireless for any reason. If you use your monthly data allotment before the exhalation time period, you may purchase a Feel Safe Refill calling card and be billed $ 0.010 per MB of data used. Feel Safe Refill cards can be purchased on the web site. Customers can besides purchase refills via Customer Service by dialing 611 from your Feel Safe phone .
For plans with more than 2GB of data, data allotments are split in half and provided at two different speeds. The first half of the data allotment is provided in eminent accelerate and the moment half of the data allotment is provided in a reduce speed. For exemplar, on the $ 30 plan, you will receive the first 2GB of data at high speed. Once you complete the beginning 2GB of data, the following 2GB of data will mechanically be switched to a reduced speed. After a refill is added on the $ 50 design, you will receive the first 2.5GB of data at high amphetamine. Once you complete the first base 2.5GB of data, the following 2.5GB of data will automatically be switched to a reduced speed .
After the first base 2GB of data, we have the right to slow down the speed of data browsing upon our own discretion at anytime during your 30 day cycle. You may attempt to download ringtones, games or other multimedia subject to your radio device. You will inactive be charged for data used when attempting to download multimedia capacity, even if you are ineffective to save the capacity to your telephone. Air Voice will not issue any credits for this reason. Please note, although you may attempt to view any web page using your mobile phone, not all websites are formatted for fluid devices. You may experience delays when attempting to load sealed websites, specially those that are not formatted for wireless devices or check graphic content. Air Voice Wireless is not creditworthy for boring loading time when using data services, and will not issue credits for this reason .


When using Wi-Fi, you will need to turn OFF your Cellular Data Network Setting on your handset. If you do not turn off the cellular datum network setting on your handset, you will be charged for internet custom evening if you are using Wi-Fi because it will still be considered Cellular Data Usage. Turning off the Cellular Data Network Setting will ensure you will rigorously be using Wi-Fi and that you are not connected to the Cellular Data Network .

Air Voice’s Right to Terminate Accounts for Fraudulent Activity

Air Voice Wireless reserves the right to discontinue service to customers we feel are using our service in excess, or in any way that negatively impacts our network., a well as our ability to provide service to the larger group of customers who do not abuse the serve. Some examples of deceitful bodily process include Traffic Pumping and Spam Messaging. We reserve the right to cancel accounts for deceitful bodily process based on voice calls, SMS, MMS and data custom .

Excessive Usage

Feel Safe Unlimited plans are intended for personal use for the average phone exploiter. Feel Safe Wireless reserves the right to cancel any account that has abnormally high amounts of custom .

California LifeLine Activation Fee

Each Feel Safe Wireless California LifeLine plan is discipline to a non-recurring $ 39.00 activation fee when initiating service with the Company or changing service from another supplier to the Company. The fee is charged to a customer ‘s explanation at activation ; however, if the customer is approved for California LifeLine by the California LifeLine Administrator, and is either ( 1 ) establishing California LifeLine service for the first time, or ( 2 ) switch from another California Lifeline service supplier, whether wireline or radio, to Feel Safe Wireless, the customer will receive a $ 39.00 deduction back to the LifeLine customer ‘s account. The California LifeLine fund will pay for no more than two activation/conversion fees per family per class ( whether with the Company or any other wireless service provider ) pursuant to D. 17-01-032. Feel Safe Wireless ( not the customer ) will be responsible for any California LifeLine participant’s activation fee that is not eligible for reimbursement from the LifeLine fund .


Feel Safe Wireless reserves the right to redirect a customer ‘s try at an outgoing bid directly to customer servicing ( “ hotline ” or “ hotlining ” ) in instances when a customer ‘s earphone service may otherwise be in hazard if they do not speak to a customer service representative. Feel Safe Wireless may engage in hotlining in the event a customer ‘s LifeLine lotion comes back with a defense request more information, or during annual recertification of LifeLine eligibility .


eligibility for Feel Safe Wireless military service varies by state. You may qualify for Feel Safe Wireless if you participate in any government aid programs listed on your Feel Safe Wireless submit application form or based on family income eligibility standards. In California, the California Public Utilities Commission develops the eligibility requirements for certified households to receive the California LifeLine discounts. The eligibility requirements can be found on-line at the following web addresses : hypertext transfer protocol : // and hypertext transfer protocol : // .

Eligibility is Personal

eligibility for Feel Safe Wireless is personal and can not be transferred to any third base party, including any rights or benefits received under Feel Safe Wireless service, which includes and is not express to any voice minutes received under Feel Safe Wireless service..

California LifeLine Enrollment Freeze Limitation:

The California LifeLine Program ( “ California LifeLine ” ) has the follow limitation on consumers requesting the discount for earphone services :

30-Day Waiting Period for an Enrollment Request for Cell Phone Service (“Enrollment

When a consumer submits an registration request to receive the California LifeLine discounts for cell call service the consumer has to wait up to 30 days to submit another registration request. A consumer CAN NOT have multiple registration requests for cell call service going at the like time. The 30-day wait period ends when either ( 1 ) the California LifeLine Administrator sends the final eligibility decision, ( 2 ) the registration request is cancelled, or ( 3 ) the 30 days have passed since the registration request, whichever occurs first. After the 30-day clock stops, a consumer may then submit another registration request for government cell call service, as applicable. A consumer can independently cancel an registration request by contacting the California LifeLine Administrator by phone at 877-858- 7463 or going to Check Your Status at The cellular telephone telephone company can besides cancel an registration request .

Loyalty Rewards Program

California LifeLine customers may be eligible for Feel Safe Wireless loyalty rewards, provided in the shape of free benefits in overindulgence of the monthly plan allotment ( such as, but not limited to, extra data usage ), for equally long as the LifeLine customer actively uses the Feel Safe Wireless LifeLine service ; rewards expire after 30 days and are subject to change at any time at the Company ‘s sole discretion .

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