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Saturday Market

Saturday Markets were started in Bethel in 2005.  Since then the market has continued to grow, and has served as a place for over 250 vendors from all over the state to sell their products.


Tables and chairs are provided, and vendors can pick which table(s) they want on a first come, first served basis.  There are two sizes of tables.  The “wide” tables cost $15 and “narrow” tables $10 to rent for each market.  Payment is collected and due during each market.

Other Tips and Guidelines:

  • Vendors are asked to sell during the entire market.
  • Bringing change is encouraged.
  • Vendors are asked to complete an information form annually.
  • No meat, fish, seafood or by product sales unless licensed for packaging and sale and properly stored/refrigerated.  All vendors selling food must display a sign on their table provided by YPCC.
  • For more information, contact Reyne Athanas, 543-4538 or rmathanas@alaska.edu